Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holidays are here. I'm back in Sydney until sometime after christmas, which leaves me with the longest holiday period for at least 2 years.. 3.5 weeks!
Still, I'm feeling rather down about the fact that i'm still in uni, thus am supposed to be given regular uni breaks- ie, 6 weeks! (Or more depending on the uni and course i gather)
And the fact that term starts on the 2nd of January. That's right.. the SECOND of Jan. The day after New Years..
Which leaves me with the dilemma of spending NYE here in Sydney, or going back to Adelaide..
Several factors which influence my decision are floating through my mind. I don't have accomodation next year and still have to find something. I want to prolong my return to Adelaide because next year i'll have no holidays basically.. (boo hiss!) Aside from a 6 week vacation block.
Hmmm... decisions.

So, I've spent my holidays so far being sick with some sort of food poisoning, battling with crowds (or maybe just the usual mob) trying in vain to buy christmas presents, and catching up with a few people whom i haven't seen in months.

So far I've seen Erica, who is engaged and is frantically planning her wedding in April. I've never seen her so stressed before! It's unbelievable actually..
Ed and Phil. It was great hanging out with both of them, kinda reminded me of the old days of IT.. except that most of the conversation was about future plans, and work, and Ed's horrible week at work entertaining chinese head dudes.
Met up with Ian as well for lunch. Except by that stage, I had a headache from walking around in the sun and being poked in the eye by the Myer makeup people. Still, it was a good lunch, and he's still the same as when i last saw him... but with different hair..and pink bracelets..
And next Saturday there's a pre-christmas cuz shindig which should be good. Strictly no adults invited! is the motto. Very tongue in cheek because the average age of the cousins would be around the 30s.

Anyways, I guess there's still Christmas shopping left to do, and more catching up.
A strange though occured to me that as i spend each year away, the number of people i see becomes less and less. I wonder if there will be a point where i'll have noone to catch up with? It's just hard keeping in touch with people. Harder still when there's so much difference in the worlds each of us live in, profession-wise as well as location.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today, I was frantically in the middle of my annual packing.. Getting ready for my annual moving.. When i stumbled across a shirt that I had NEVER worn this year. I had wanted this shirt for ages- months and months last year, before finally putting my misery to rest and purchasing the shirt.

It's weird.. I wondered, what makes us have that insatiable desire for something in a shop?

Anyways, what makes us want something so badly when we see it or think of it? Hmmm... It's happened before too- I had a desire for a black non-woolen autumnish coat that was 3/4 length that i could wear on top of normal clothes. And i found one, for a ridiculous price, which i paid for. (After consultation with an aunty who happened to work near the shop's vicinity.)

And again, i haven't worn it AT ALL this year or last year! In fact, I think i've only ever worn it 2 maybe 3 times.

Am i the only one like this? I hope not.

Perhaps I should just come to terms with spending money on things i just won't wear.
And forget the angst of indecision..

Saturday, November 25, 2006

I feel like i'm in limbo.
After the aftermath.
And other such poetic sayings... still doesn't get rid of that weird waiting feeling.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I wish i was there.
And 10 years old.

Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm a pessimistic person by nature...
And i'm used to people saying to me when i'm negative about exams and things, 'You'll be fine. You're great! You're awesome! So don't stress! etc etc etc'

And i'm semi-reassured. And semi- shrug their comments away.

But recently, someone who i quite respect and who i thought knew me, told me that i'm not okay. I'm not ready for exams. I'm going to barely pass, if lucky.

So what does a pessimistic person say to that??

I don't know.
I must admit my ego is quite non-existant atm.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Thoughts that make me laugh..

While in theatre, performing an abdominal laparoscopy the surgeon said (half to himself half to the medical student),
so there's the sigmoid colon there...
Old man sigmoid....

An Incoming transmission from Ambos to us(the hospital)
H>This is hospital receiving..
A>Yeh, hi. We have a 57 year old woman who had chest pain, was in VT, was given midazolam and defibrillated with 100J which returned her into sinus rhythm. We are 10mins from the hospital. Over.
H>Ok. Thanks.
Nurses look at me. I look blankly and thing *oh crap* as well as *How exciting*

30 minutes pass... still waiting for the ambulance in casulty.
One of the doctors walks in.
"Don't worry, the ambulance will be here in another 10 mins. They've had to change a tyre"
Chorus of Doctors, nurses and myself: "WHAT?!?!?!!?!!!"
Doctor chuckles..
"Only kidding"

45 minutes pass.... Casulty is a bit crowded with 3 doctors, 2 nurses, and 1 medical student milling around. The ambulance finally arrives.
Anaesthetist runs out to the ambulance and then runs back in shouting,
"It's SOPHIE!"
Suddenly there's a mad scramble for the doors leaving the casulty doctor and I looking at each other blankly.
*Queue tumble weed*

Apparently she's a "frequent flyer". Well known to the doctors for being a perenial complainer and pain to treat. Hence the mass exodus.

They don't show that on ER. =)

Monday, October 02, 2006

A quote from an old text book:

"The variety of foreign bodies which have found their way into the rectum is hardly less remarkable than the ingenuity displayed in their removal.

A turnip has been delivered per rectum by the use of obstetric forceps.

A stick firmly impacted has been withdrawn by inserting a gimlet into its lower end.

A tumbler, mouth downwards, has several times been extracted by filling the interior with a wet plaster of paris bandage, leaving the end of the bandage extrusing, and allowing the plaster to set."

Bailey and Love 1943, A Short Practice of Surgery.


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

There's a debacle which EVERYONE in the medical industry has a opinion about.. No it's not politics, music or religion.. it's pharmaceutical sponsorship of "things". These things has ranged from drug company pens to drug company money sponsored flights to the Swiss Alps for a lecture...

This year, I’ve been continually amazed at the kind of crap drug companies hand out.. (The best would have to be a gadget that looks like a pair of plastic pliers which lights up at the tip- apparently used for looking up people's noses)

The above is a pen which glows neon blue. Kinda kewl really. At least, photography wise. If it were a bit longer, it would give a lightsaber a run for it's money.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I like this snap- kinda abstract, in a jeffery smart kind of way... but less creepy..

Oh yeh, and *stress*

Friday, September 01, 2006

What was the treatment of GORD again? PPIs and lifestyle modifications.. stop smoking, lose weight- yeh, sif patients listen to what you say.. unless you threaten them with the c word- CANCER! Reflux can lead to esophageal cancer which can lead to you DYING, so lose weight. That's pretty harsh.
Man, i can't wait til this year is over.
I'll miss out on seeing my brother play at the local cafe.
I'm old. not really. just old enough to know that i'm getting old. Too old to be sponging off the government anyways. i need a job something productive and something that pays. so i can live without feeling guilty about people feeling sorry for me. ARGH!
No time to work. have to study... what's the formula for fluid replacement for a person with burns? 4mlsXweightX%surface area burnt in 24 hours... if it's a complicated burn.. if it's a simple burn then 3mlsXweightX%surface area.. plus maintenance fluid... 3L a day for an average 70kg person. AVERAGE! the whole concept of average is an approximation.. what about the person??

Didn't say anything about not being crazy....
Aren't you glad you're not me??

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Imagine being able to answer "I'm the only one in the world that can answer this question right now."

We had one of the doctors from the uni come up and give us a tutorial on neurology. One of the topics was epilepsy. After having been through the generalised epilepsies and their classification, one of us asked the professor, So why do generalised seizures occur??
A glint came into his eye, the corners of his lips tipped upwards, and, dare i say it, a few less creases in his face disappeared. He answered that he was the only person in the world who can give an answer to this question. As of February, his research group has discovered how and why generalised seizures occur.. and it was "the most exciting moment in his life".

Apparently, it's not the neurons which mysteriously set each other of and cause abnormal brain activity, but astrocytes- the cells which support and regulate the neuronal environment in order for nerve conduction to work properly! It's all to do with astrocyte foot processes swelling because of increased stimulation to the brain, which means that they are inundated with "neuronal mess" (so to speak...) to clear up. Once they have had enough, the astrocytes end up spewing up all sorts of neural transmitter chemicals which set off generalised seizures.

Just the look on his face when he was explaining his discovery was inspiring.
He just loves what he's doing, and where he is in life.
Inner happiness.

I wonder if i'll ever get there?
If what i'm doing is the right thing?
I want to get there, but i don't know how...

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Less than 3 months till the world ends.

..only kidding..

Less than 3 months till my end of year exams.

Less than 2 months till my brain goes into overload and i start catastrophising about how i'm going to DIE.

Less than 1 month till i walk around like the world is on my shoulders and internally *stressing*.

Now- I'm procrastinating.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I was driving down the highway at 120km/hr at 5:50pm. It was nearing dusk. I turned around a bend and i saw this brilliant sunset facing me. So i had no choice but to get out of the car, run across the road to the nearby field, and take some pics.
Sometimes the scenery here is breathtaking.

Last week, one of the general surgeons took all of the students out on a houseboat for the weekend. It was a pretty relaxing 2 days- pity it was raining which tinted everything that miserable shade of grey. As we were chugging down the Murray River, we passed an flock of pelicans bobbing in the river. I've never seen so many pelicans before- so i took another picture. But sadly, the photo didn't do that moment justice.

Next week i might go gliding provided that the gliding club are flying and the weather is okay. It should be good! I wonder what it feels like to be in something in the sky with no motor?
Apparently the season to go gliding is during the summer, when there are warm currents which allow the glider to soar for hours. Perhaps if i make it through this time round, i'll come back when it's a bit warmer.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I was at a friend's place, ages ago, and somehow the topic of schizophrenia was brought up.... They were writing a play, and thought that it would be good to have a character with schizophrenia (amongst others) because they could do "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" type gags.
I was kinda indignant about their understanding of schizophrenia.. especially since it is common, often disabling, condition. And despite the movie "A Beautiful Mind", people still think that it is a problem of split personalities.

And today, we had a practice exam where we had to explain to someone about schizophrenia in 5 minutes. Everything that i knew about schizophrenia disappeared, and i stumbled (somewhat painfully) around during that 5 minutes wishing that the knowledge would appear just as it had disappeared. I ended up failing that part of the exam..
So i decided to type what i know about schizophrenia here. Hopefully now it will stick!

Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder which means that the person affected has disturbances in the way they think, speak and behave.
It is characterised by a number of different features, described as 'positive' or 'negative' symptoms:
Positive symptoms are: Delusions, Hallucinations (usually auditory), disorganised speech and behaviour.
Negative symptoms are: poverty of speech, flat facial expression, social withdrawl, flattened affect.
It is postulated that these symptoms are caused by an overload of dopamine (a neurotransmitter) in the brain.
It typically occurs in early adolescence, and affects males > females.

We dont' know really what causes schitzophrenia, but we do know that certain people are predisposed to it and certain triggers may push them over the edge. Eg, marijuana
Genetics may play a part in the predisposition of schizophrenia.

Treatment is by dopamine blocking agents- these are called anti-psychotics. They inhibit the activation of dopamine receptors. These drugs are fairly potent, but "Typical" antipsychoics have many side effects like Dystonia (muscle rigidity and spasm), Akathesia (motor restlessness) weight gain, Parkinsonian symptoms (Tremor, Rigidity, Akinesia/Bradykinesia, Postural insufficiency), muscarinic Receptor antagonism (dry mouth, dry eyes, urinary retension, constipation). "Atypical" antipsychotics have less side effects.

This is a common psychiatic disorder, with 1% of the population having schizophrenia. There are numerous social groups that are available to help those suffering from schizophrenia. Also, taking regular medication, avoiding stress, and specialist appointments with a psychiatrist and GP are recommended to help keep the schizophrenia under control and to help the person attain a normal life.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Thought of the day... It's amazing how many cookies you eat when they're sitting there in front of you. Even the hard, crumbly, stale ones. I managed to eat 4 so far. That's pretty good when you consider they're days old.

On the weekend, the other students and i are going on a houseboat trip with the general surgeon and his wife (who is also a doctor). It's either going to be really fun or really weird.
Possibly a little from column A and a little from column B.
And to make it worse, the weather is getting down to a cool daily maximum of 9 over Saturday. I'll bring some matches and marshmellows.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

This is my 100th post on this blog..
Can you believe it?!

It's raining outside.

This afternoon, I went and visited a little old Italian lady who lives just down the street. She was telling me how she has a new little black chicken running around her backyard.
"You seea-Julie, the lady who lives behind me, she had many chickens, lotsa chickens.. but after being in hospital for over 1 month, she couldn't look after the chickens no more.
So she sold them, but one of the chickens must have escaped because I got a little black chicken in me backyard see?"
She proceeded to tell me how the chicken is shy, and runs away when she gets the lawn cut, but always returns. And how the chicken sleeps underneath her window at night.
She then said that she would like to build a chicken pen, but she can't catch this chicken- although she has tried to catch it many times at night when it's sleeping.

Now, this lady lives by herself, and is blind. When she was telling me this story, with a great lot of hand waving, I almost burst myself laughing because I could just see her lying in wait for this black chicken at night.
But it's great- the chicken keeps her company... And she's the only one in her street with a pet chicken.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some quotes from the morning paper:
"With success, I have been given great wealth. And with great wealth comes great responsibility."
No, it's not a misquote from Starwars, its from Mr Gates.
And he is retiring from active decision making at Microsoft, to take up full time work as the US' richest philanthropist with his wife.
At least, he's thinking about his money, and where he can better spend it. Like subsidising medications that could potentially save hundreds, as in basic malaria treatments.

"I don't see [...] as the sum total of myself. It was just something I felt I had to do at a certain time in my life"
This i found interesting.. She felt that going into prostitution was something she had to do. Yet, her actions and consequences got her into that spot in the first place.
I know that's a pretty hard stand, but we were given the ability to reason and weigh up consequences. Nobody really has to do anything. There is always a choice.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Looks like frog spawn hey? =)

Friday, June 09, 2006

Everyone's changing. It sounds stupid, but i just realised that it's true.
And i often wonder if i'm being left behind.
Or maybe it's just that i'm headed somewhere different.

In other news, has anyone seen the videoclip of the switchfoot song "We are one tonight"? I like how all the different scenarios kinda meld together based on the position of the people.. very visually tricky! Like a moving montage. You can see it here...

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The weather in adelaide where i'm living gets so cold that there is frost in the mornings.. Real frost that has to be wiped off the car. But that's okay, because there is an INGENIOUS contraption called a heater that warms the house. It keeps me warm, without having to walk around like a marshmellow, or a stuffed turkey.

Well, I'm home, and the weather in sydney is cold.. but not enough to create frost. And i think i'm MORE cold here.. I'm FREEZING in fact!
And you know why?
I think it's to do with the lack of heating here. You see, for my parents, the airconditioning installed isn't really a functional piece. It's more for it's design value, so that the visitors are impressed when they walk through. (If you look really closely, the shutters have dust on them...)

Gosh, i hope i don't turn into my parents!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

For 2 weeks!
What am I going to do?
Who knows? But 2 weeks! We'll see how far i can get in sydney without a car.. =p

On another note, it's funny how you write things down, in a diary, journal, blog! and you write about huge things or things that may have struck you at that time.. but when you read over what you have written, it's like you're remembering for the first time. Akin to rummaging through an box packed with old toys, and remembering their significance eons ago.

I happened to stumble across a cousin's blog. I read it with such curiosity. I had always held this preconceived idea of who he was. Strong, smart.. And there he was, typing out his thoughts. How he asked a girl out. Talk of wingmen. Another cousin's blog detailed his antics when he was overseas. Drunken nights. Creating havoc with a group of mates.
I was almost embarrased to read it. It was like i was peering into his mind albeit his mind several years ago.
I wonder what they would think of me, if they found this. The secret life of us indeed.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bad news.
My uncle passed away 2 days ago.
It was really sudden.
Out of the blue actually.
I remember the last time I saw him before easter this year.
It was strange, because usually he is running late to family functions. But this time he was on time! And usually I don't really talk to him. But this time he sat down and asked me how studying was going, and how I was enjoying myself.
I said that things were going ok, and that it was tough, but i was enjoying what i was learning.
Then he told me about how he was enjoying lecturing at Mac Uni, and that he should have done this earlier, and how he just loves teaching kids.
But now he's gone.
It's so strange.
Because it was unexpected.
Sometimes i wonder how things work here.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I feel like...

I'm inadequate.
And i think to myself- what's the point? What was the point in giving up ready access to my friends & family. Letting my hobbies fall to the wayside because I'm so guilty about having to study. Feeling so guilty about having to study that i don't enjoy myself anyways.
And to top it off, trying constantly to pick yourself off the ground after getting yelled at by doctors?

I don't know.
I just had a bad day.
And i miss people.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm sick.
I've got a cold!
When are holidays??

Actually, the best time i've had this year was during easter, when i was the miscellaneous guest to a friend's friend's family easter holiday at a shack near when i am. It was weird and fun.. and eventful.
But not in the traditional sense.

Weird seeing majong being played in Adelaide- when i spent the last holidays being taught how to play by Erica and John.
Fun being around people i haven't really met. And being welcomed. And sitting around a campfire. It made me miss my family and friends in sydney.

Maybe next time i'll go fishing.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today i learnt that doctors are full of shit.
They are..
And it's especially frustrating when they feel the need to put you on the spot with knowledge they know- knowing full well that the odds of a student knowing about some peptide is about as high as winning power lotto.
So in the end, the doctor looks like the font of all wisdom, while the medical student looks like the piece of toe scum that they are.

Well, today because i was in a particularly insolent mood, i decided to google a particular hormone- BNP ("You don't know that BNP -Brain-Naturetic-Peptide- comes from the brain!? that's lacking in your schooling..very poor..") right in front of the doctor.

And low and behold.. BNP IS NOT found in the brain but is found in the heart and the blood. HA!

Doctors are full of shit.
And i told him so. with much enjoyment and smirking.
I hope this doesn't bite me in the arse.
Knowing me.. it will.. but it was worth it!

Friday, March 24, 2006

For the first time, a friend asked if i was still painting...
And i couldn't say yes. I've given up all sorts of artish crusades, like jewelry and painting, and collecting junk in case of a creative emergency. Well, not quite given up, but rather, put on hold..
Medicine really has taken over. Which is sad. I remember making friendship bands in class in primary school, making jewelry on the weekends. Make dreamcatchers with a friend and selling them at school fairs.
It's times like this when i wish i was able to memorise things so i had time to do art and not be worried by failing. And i guess that's why i've fallen on the instantaneousness of photography as a creative outlet.

And i met up with Ed the other day in Eastwood before his Korean class. It was great catching up- Three things that struck me: 1. Compared to the last time I met him when he first arrived back in Australia(when he was all excited), i thought he was at an ebb. 2. He knows most* of my cousins. Its weird. Like he's a family friend- but not. Though i won't be surprised if he turns up at our next family gathering. He'll probably be appalled at our Aussie-ness. 3. Languages. I was pleased when the Korean restaurant owner said that he had the "right" accent.
*I guess it's practically impossible to know all of my cousins. =p Too many.

Izzy has grown. She's up to my thigh. And she has the wickedest smile. Smart girl. Likes tomato tho.. it's a pity!
Reaquainted myself to Graham Base. Could keep myself amused for hours. Lucky Chrissy.

Am jealous of Erica. She graduates at the end of this year. Soon to be a member of the cult of the employed.
It's strange thinking of John working in a 9-5 job.
Life's changing. People are growing up and i feel like i'm lagging behind. It only bugs me when i get back to Sydney and catch up.
I wonder what i'll be thinking when i'll be working? Hopefully, i'll be thinking of my next artwork..

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I spoke to the visiting counsellor that comes around twice a week to see patients here. She taught me something..

People are either TOO NICE - in which case they tell lies in order to accomodate the other person. Sooner or later, they snap in which case they become NASTY. They snap under the pressure that they place upon themselves and are consequently angry and frustrated, and lash out on the other person.

Somewhere in the middle, people have to learn to tell the TRUTH KINDLY.
So as not to place yourself in a position where you snap once things get unbearable.

For example,
Saying to the boss, yes i can do the extra work everytime when asked, and then getting really jaded and angry at the boss.
Instead, reaching a medium and saying i can't do both this task and this other task.. which would you want me to do more urgently so i can get that done first?

I don't know that that makes any sense in terms of my explaination.. but i really thought that this explained a lot about human nature and our assumptions.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A doctor told me a joke-
Which i found hilarious!
But on second thoughts got me thinking...
If i wasn't studing medicine, would it be funny?
Would the black humour be lost on me?
And then it dawned on me:
That I AM a nerd.


Here's the joke:
Why are there nails in coffins?
So that Oncologists know when to stop chemotherapy!


If you find this funny,
And you have nothing to do with the medical industry,
Pray give me a yell.
So i can stop wimpering in the corner..
And keep up my non-nerd facade.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today is Valentines Day.
And this is what i did.

Starting at the beginning, I was still at the hospital at 00:00 witnessing a uterus being stitched up after an emergency Caesar last night. Like I might have said before.. weird- This time the doctor brought the uterus over the skin, so that it was easier to stitch it up (and easier for me to see!).It felt really really hard- like an apple?
It was interesting watching it being poked back into the abdomen. Interesting...
Anyways, i didn't manage to get to bed until 01:30.
Only to have to wake up at 06:00 to get to the main hospital 50 minutes away by 08:00.
Of course, i was with the gynecologist, which was again interesting.
First up was a case of endometriosis, then a dilatation and curettage - where they kinda scrape out the uterus to see what the state of the uterus is- , then a termination of pregnancy.(you wouldn't think a 19 year old girl would need one of those hey?? What ever happened to the OCP? Nevertheless, the doctor prescribed the OCP after the proceedure.)
Lastly was an ovarian tumor removal.. WOW!
I saw a teratoma- the holy grail of pathology (according to one pathologist in second year.. =p) A teratoma is basically a germ cell cancer, which means that it can grow into basically any tissue in the body. Usually it's Hair, cartilage, bone and brain all mushed up in a ball growing in some unusual place.. like in the ovaries or testes. In this case it was full of hair. Gross but kewl.. in a gross way.

Then lunch and the 50 minute drive back home.
Decided that i'd duck into the GP practice to check mail and say hi, only to find out that there would be an emergency appendisectomy within the hour!
So scrubbed in and assisted in that too!
Home at 6:30 and exhaused. Just realised that tomorrow will be back at the hospital starting at 0800. again. AGAIN!
Perhaps i should go to bed before midnight for a change. (But left notes and homework needed for tomorrow at the practice!! Serenity now?)

So, ironically, i saw more lady's bits today than.. well.. ever! in my life!
The irony being on Valentines Day.

I guess i never was into the whole Valantines Day thing. =p
Perhaps next year!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's Chinese New Year.. and last night i was out celebrating Australia Day with the locals..
Mostly it was running after a bunch of kids that are my mentor's children.
Good running that is.. the kids were very energetic..
Some of the night was spent pitching mini australian flags into the oval.
The highlight was Humphrey Bear, and the fireworks! (yes, in a town of population 4000, there managed to be fireworks!)

And I can't finish without commenting on the cheap food- $2.50 for hot chips and $1.50 for 4 freshly cooked donuts?! It's like i was back to the good old days... =p

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I wish i was brave enough to say things to people as i feel them.
It is somewhat of a curse, actually. But it didn't always start that way.
It usually starts off as a crush where i generally try to hang around them.. =p
And we usually end up being friends.. (Which is good.)
But that's when the trouble starts.. coz sometimes I'm a bit blinded to the reciprocal nature of the friendship- where maybe they are interested.

Sometimes I've had people come up to me and say, "You and so-and-so should get together..." or "Why aren't you and so-and-so going out?" or the blunt "So-and-so is cute, why don't you do something about it?"

Dammit that's annoying.

And i usually reply, "I don't know.."
Or more commmonly, "So-and-so has a girlfriend"
Because i've left it too late and they've gone and asked another girl out.

So far this has happened 3 times.

Maybe someday i'll be able to say "Ok, I will." And run out and ask him right then and there.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

A friend is going to be a mum very soon!
I went to Adelaide for the weekend, and I'm guessing everyone is excited about the baby!
It's due on the 26th January- which is very soon..(i like to state the oblivious!) and she's probably a bit tired of people asking about the baby..

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My current flat mate is attempting to teach me how to drive a manual car. It's quite hard actually.. not that i expected anything less.. especially since i'm not the quickest of learners in motor vehicles. It took me 2 tries to get my L's! and then another 2 times to get my P's! Anyway, i know how to drive- kinda... I was on the highway and i didn't stall! (only because driving a manual on a highway is much the same as driving an auto.. no gear shifts and weird arse balancing of the clutch and accelerator..)

Anyways, this year, i'm in Waikerie.. which is a small town 2 hours drive from "town" (aka Adelaide) with a population of abouts 5000. It's quite dry and HOT! If you don't believe me check out the forecast... HERE

See.. I'm justified in my complaining.. =p

And the photo... here is the stupidest ticket i've received. I've never been booked for speeding or disrupting traffic or drinking or even pulled over for a random breath test... and what do i get, but a ticket for PARKING FACING THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION OF TRAFFIC! WTF!?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hmmmm.. It's the last day of holidays and i've been ringing everyone from my friends in Adelaide, to my one and only primary school friend who i've still kept in contact with for something to do tonight. I've realised that there must be a big secret party somewhere this Saturday night- That or the simultaneous blockage of all mobile phones belonging to my friends. I don't think i've faced this much rejection since applying for IT grad positions 2 years ago.
Nothing says loneliness more than spending the last days of your holidays alone. *sigh* I guess the appropriate thing to do would be to wallow in your own self pity.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And before you could blink an eye, there were 3 days before you had to return to the books. Where did the time go?

And a favour? If anyone can rad Vietnamese, I'm dying to find out what these signs say! They were posted in front of the local hospital in Hoi An.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy new year!