Tuesday, September 26, 2006

There's a debacle which EVERYONE in the medical industry has a opinion about.. No it's not politics, music or religion.. it's pharmaceutical sponsorship of "things". These things has ranged from drug company pens to drug company money sponsored flights to the Swiss Alps for a lecture...

This year, I’ve been continually amazed at the kind of crap drug companies hand out.. (The best would have to be a gadget that looks like a pair of plastic pliers which lights up at the tip- apparently used for looking up people's noses)

The above is a pen which glows neon blue. Kinda kewl really. At least, photography wise. If it were a bit longer, it would give a lightsaber a run for it's money.

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shiro said...

hey J! how are ya? it's mike here. Are you alright? How's it going? I hear the wine is the best in SA. I'd like to go one day to that barron land. maybe someday! keep in touch!