Friday, February 16, 2007

I was bored and did this website dooby where you load a pic and it matches you up with celebrities you supposedly look like.... WTF! I look like Jesse Martin?!

Hey, don't answer that!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I really know how to procrastinate- I've been doing nothing since 3pm today. And it's 10pm already.

Go here: Yes, HERE!!!!!
It's a fantastically nerdy, platform stage game-esque, Super COOL pixeled animation by Paul Robertson. Somewhat gory, Over the top, and oh, did i mention it has a pirate baby as the end boss? Look out for the Chung Li octopus. Loved the gag on channel 7. Bunch of zombies!

.....Today i was in theatre (yes, I've started my new term). And after a 2.5 hour operation in a poor patient's abdomen, the surgeon showed me how to use the staple gun to close the wound. Then he passed me the gun, and I had a go. Now, this surgeon told me something, maybe somewhat flippantly. He said, 'I've never seen a person do so well on their first go with this staple gun." ... "You should be a surgeon." .. "But then that's what they say everywhere don't they. If you're good at 'bagging and masking' then you should become an anesthetist."

Now, I think I'd be quite good at the practical aspect of surgery. But I don't think I'd be able to last in the training program. It's tough, there's a definate hierarchy, and of course there's a billion different ways of doing something, but there's only one RIGHT way- which differs according to who the surgeon teaching you is.
Plus I'm indecisive.
Not forthright.
Softly spoken. (sometimes)
Easily intimidated.

Sigh. If only i could just skip to the part where you operate all day, and forget about the actual training bit.

I feel the total opposite with psychiatry.
I'd be unsure if i could do CBT or other therapy sessions with patients as a psychiatrist. But I'd be able to handle inpatient management and things a psychiatrist-in-training would do.

I dunno. Choices.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

There are 2 days left of psych.. and i move onto vascular.
I've really enjoyed psych, and the variety of presentations of different patients. Of course, it helps that the psychiatrists are very helpful in terms of teaching and guidance.

A friend emailed me this article entitled: Phenotypic differences between male physicians, surgeons, and film stars: A Comparative Study.
It got me thinking... how are psychiatrists in the scheme of things? Not really hands on like surgeons, but very structured (believe it or not) in terms of how they assess a person. They are constantly updating information about latest theories and best practice management of psychiatric conditions, but aren’t considered physicians.
Hhmmm… I’ve been called a Quack by an ED doc, jokingly… Made me laugh!

The bottom line is that the people presenting with psychiatric illness’ are ill, and deserve to be treated, just like people from medical illness’.

In other news, 9 weeks until Erica and John’s wedding.

7 weeks until I go back to Sydney for dress fittings.

4 week until the Festivals start- Womadelaide, The Fringe Festival and the Adelaide Festival.. Wonder why they all happen at once? Suddenly, it’s like the population of Adelaide triples over the month or so that it occurs. It’s then that I’m reminded of Sydney.. Come visit me then! And witness the chaos!

1 week until rent is due.
=p Yup. Unrelated.