Sunday, July 24, 2005

Things are happening at uni, and it's all not very good.
For one, People are somehow reverting back to their teenage angst years. (Oh no, not a second round)
For another, Exams are coming up in 3 weeks.

Oh, and things are happening outside uni as well...
My tyres for the car have had to be patched twice in 2 months! That's more than unlucky- I think I have a stalker.

Hmm.. in other news, sucked in Jude Law! and Sienna Miller! Is that too irrevrent? Perhaps.
But i'm not in the best mood.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Today is just one of those days...
Woke up, made coffee- but the coffee plunger broke, arrived to school late because of the coffee debarcle, found out that a canadian girl was leaving us(which is good news for her, because she got into a canadian med school), my apple had a wormy maggoty thing in it AND my banana was squashed at the bottom of my bag, was snubbed by many at uni or maybe it was because i am in a shit mood? Back at home, the lights in the hallway blew, and the kettle leaks. SOMEONE still hasnt washed their soup ladle and glass- it's been there for 8 days now...

the good news is that today is really tomorrow, and it is a new day...

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

So it's official.. I'm going to the Riverland next year.. Which is the origin of all Berri Juices!

I'm taking orders... so get in quick, as i am only allowed 30kgs luggage space.