Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Today is Valentines Day.
And this is what i did.

Starting at the beginning, I was still at the hospital at 00:00 witnessing a uterus being stitched up after an emergency Caesar last night. Like I might have said before.. weird- This time the doctor brought the uterus over the skin, so that it was easier to stitch it up (and easier for me to see!).It felt really really hard- like an apple?
It was interesting watching it being poked back into the abdomen. Interesting...
Anyways, i didn't manage to get to bed until 01:30.
Only to have to wake up at 06:00 to get to the main hospital 50 minutes away by 08:00.
Of course, i was with the gynecologist, which was again interesting.
First up was a case of endometriosis, then a dilatation and curettage - where they kinda scrape out the uterus to see what the state of the uterus is- , then a termination of pregnancy.(you wouldn't think a 19 year old girl would need one of those hey?? What ever happened to the OCP? Nevertheless, the doctor prescribed the OCP after the proceedure.)
Lastly was an ovarian tumor removal.. WOW!
I saw a teratoma- the holy grail of pathology (according to one pathologist in second year.. =p) A teratoma is basically a germ cell cancer, which means that it can grow into basically any tissue in the body. Usually it's Hair, cartilage, bone and brain all mushed up in a ball growing in some unusual place.. like in the ovaries or testes. In this case it was full of hair. Gross but kewl.. in a gross way.

Then lunch and the 50 minute drive back home.
Decided that i'd duck into the GP practice to check mail and say hi, only to find out that there would be an emergency appendisectomy within the hour!
So scrubbed in and assisted in that too!
Home at 6:30 and exhaused. Just realised that tomorrow will be back at the hospital starting at 0800. again. AGAIN!
Perhaps i should go to bed before midnight for a change. (But left notes and homework needed for tomorrow at the practice!! Serenity now?)

So, ironically, i saw more lady's bits today than.. well.. ever! in my life!
The irony being on Valentines Day.

I guess i never was into the whole Valantines Day thing. =p
Perhaps next year!

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