Sunday, August 29, 2004

I need to blog more often...
But I also need to do a dozen other things too.. like go to the grocery to buy food, study, ring people, sleep..
Who would have thought that this medicine business would be such hard work?

Anyway, yesterday, a group at uni decided to organise a "mystery bus trip". So called, because the destinations weren't revealed to us at all, and the predominant mode of transport was on a bus. Hmm.. logical..
Anyway, we saw an albino kangaroo. Reminded me of being 6 years old again. Ahh the days.. *sinks into blissful reminiscence*

Saturday, August 14, 2004

That Night

Yesterday night began with a frenzied trip to the op shop, and finished with a trip to Macca's at 0200. The dining area wasn't open, so we went through the drive through.

A kid- Ryan - 14years old, took our order and was quite tolerant of the drunken orders being shouted at him by my friends. Grace wanted a toy, but sadly, he wouldn't budge, which caused cries of disjuncture and almost incited a riot in the back seat. "That Ryan, so tight.. give us a toy man!"*

Our food was given to us by a chick - Jenelle - an 18 year old who looked quite young (to my defense). Before I knew her age, I stuck my head out the window of the car and asked her if she was going out with Ryan. She twisted her face with disgust and cried, "I'm 18! And ryan's, like, 12!" With that, she turned her back and shook her head some more.


There went our chances for that Macca's toy.

*Just a toned down sample of the comments thrown around in the car. These comments and similar went on for several minutes, in the manner of drunken speech. Accompanied with much laughter from the 'not-so-drunk' of course.

Monday, August 09, 2004

What is?

What is the Crazy Horse?
Perhaps it'll be a bit clearer if I spell it like:
Crazy Whores.
Ok. It's a strip joint.
Am I the only one who doen't really see what the whole fuss is about? It's hedonistic. It's narcissistic. It's well... what old fusty guys who earn too much money and have no social lives what-so-ever (or footballers) go to see.

What is Pulsus Paradoxus?
Nope. I can't make it more clearer than that.
Spelling or none.
It's when there is a decrease in systolic blood pressure when you breathe in.
But don't worry.
It's normal (If it's a less than 10 mm Hg difference).
If it's greater than 10?
You're screwed.
Nah, it just means you've probably got either constrictive pericarditis, or tamponade, or Chronic Obstructive airways disease.
Which leads to heart failure.
Which means you're screwed. (I was lying before)

What is Stupidity?
When you lock the car door and completely forget about the fact that the keys to the car are still in the ignition.
That is:

Love the world we're in.