Friday, August 12, 2005

I stumbled across this upon reading over my lecture notes...

I think David would be proud! You know where to contact me when you need an artist for Knee Pockets 3!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

>> apologies for the depressing post. You have been forewarned. But maybe the pic will make up for the words..!

I've got insomnia.
I can't get to bed- and it's 3am in the morning!

Well, it's been a week of excitement, considering that it's only a week out from exams.. Because you would usually think we would be in social isolation right about now.

Anyway, What shall i say, except that i'm sick of losing.
Losing to the world. in general. that is. sick of being the one that's always there, being the person everyone leans on and who smiles and is known as the nice girl. the one that people forget about. forget about when they have moved on and don't need someone to listen to their problems. i've always been in the background and i thought that i had changed that. but it doesn't seem that way now. i guess i was wrong. you can't change who you are. what you do. how you behave. perhaps i'll always be that person. that nice person. i think i need to vent. where's Emily when you need her??

i don't know. sometimes i feel really down and isolated here. in adelaide. like there's nothing here for me.
at the beginning of this year, i promised myself that i would be an optimist. give it a change. see if it would bring me closer to something. you know- positive attitude and all that bullshit. you can't change who you are and pessimism is just me.
perhaps it's just that i hide myself well.
perhaps. perhaps it's just.

sigh. sometimes people suck.

>>Edit: This is exactly part of what i'm raving on about... part of..

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Oh dear!
Today, after class, I thought that it would be great if i finally get my act together to buy some groceries for the week. But as soon as i got to the car, the back left tyre was completely and utterly FLAT!
And that's when i thought, "Good grief!*- Not for the THIRD time!"
Am i the unluckiest person in the world or what?!

Damnnit.. ..
At least i really know how to change a tyre.

Random thoughts running through my head:
Sin City- thought the look of the movie was better than the story. But made me want to try to make a movie like it just coz it looked so damn cool.
I have dry hands, must moisturise before bed.
I should get my roommate something for putting up with my car debarcle. He has been accomplanying me to get the tyre's patched.
Exams in 2 weeks. 14 days. stress. stress. stress.
Next time i go shopping, i need cheese, and glad wrap.
There's a photo competition running at our uni. I should get my act together and send in a picture. Which one shall i choose? Something good, coz the prize is uhh... they actually don't say.. But i've never won any sort of competition before.
I wonder how Naruto is going atm. Have they got Sasuke back yet? Or more importantly, are *any* of the female characters good yet? (Aside from the sand giant fan girl..she's pretty good.)
What do you cook with corn and leek? I've got a pretty old leek left over from lamb soup, and some corn left over from a salad. I guess you can just eat the corn by itself, but what do you do with leek? You can't really eat that raw..
Why am I so unfocused?