Monday, April 25, 2005

Cliched I know.. but it can't be helped

Backblogging.. because somehow i can't at my place.

Grrrrrraaaaa! You know those links to the right.. well...Half of them dun work anymore!

But how romantic is the afternoon light peeping through bright green leaves?

And what's with the weather? FINALLY it's cold enough to really leave summer behind! I love winter and it's chilly biting wind. It's a good excuse to be wearing overcoats and scarves and beanies! =)

Last night I bought these frozen won tons for dinner- wat a disappointment! the meat was mush and it was too salty.. And for $5 for 20, it was at a premium price too!

Does anyone know a good way to glue feathers to bobby pins? I tried this morning, and gave up because i was mostly gluing my fingers together, whilst also inhaling toxic super glue fumes. Of course i was using super glue. Without gloves. With the windows closed.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

smoke. sydney. grey. people. push. shove. busy. murky. open. neon lighting. energy. buzz. open 24/7. fast cars. speed. buzzing. people. lost. dormant acquaintances. laughter. memories. flash flooding. pouring. dribbling. early haze. sunrise over cement. red. yawn. coffee. faces. awash. click clack. routines. generosity. moments. snap shots. gone.