Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holidays are here. I'm back in Sydney until sometime after christmas, which leaves me with the longest holiday period for at least 2 years.. 3.5 weeks!
Still, I'm feeling rather down about the fact that i'm still in uni, thus am supposed to be given regular uni breaks- ie, 6 weeks! (Or more depending on the uni and course i gather)
And the fact that term starts on the 2nd of January. That's right.. the SECOND of Jan. The day after New Years..
Which leaves me with the dilemma of spending NYE here in Sydney, or going back to Adelaide..
Several factors which influence my decision are floating through my mind. I don't have accomodation next year and still have to find something. I want to prolong my return to Adelaide because next year i'll have no holidays basically.. (boo hiss!) Aside from a 6 week vacation block.
Hmmm... decisions.

So, I've spent my holidays so far being sick with some sort of food poisoning, battling with crowds (or maybe just the usual mob) trying in vain to buy christmas presents, and catching up with a few people whom i haven't seen in months.

So far I've seen Erica, who is engaged and is frantically planning her wedding in April. I've never seen her so stressed before! It's unbelievable actually..
Ed and Phil. It was great hanging out with both of them, kinda reminded me of the old days of IT.. except that most of the conversation was about future plans, and work, and Ed's horrible week at work entertaining chinese head dudes.
Met up with Ian as well for lunch. Except by that stage, I had a headache from walking around in the sun and being poked in the eye by the Myer makeup people. Still, it was a good lunch, and he's still the same as when i last saw him... but with different hair..and pink bracelets..
And next Saturday there's a pre-christmas cuz shindig which should be good. Strictly no adults invited! is the motto. Very tongue in cheek because the average age of the cousins would be around the 30s.

Anyways, I guess there's still Christmas shopping left to do, and more catching up.
A strange though occured to me that as i spend each year away, the number of people i see becomes less and less. I wonder if there will be a point where i'll have noone to catch up with? It's just hard keeping in touch with people. Harder still when there's so much difference in the worlds each of us live in, profession-wise as well as location.

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