Saturday, April 28, 2007

Last week of ophthalmology, and I've realised that there's only 2 terms left before i'm supposed to be in London!

The term has been great! Surprising! Fun?! (Oh yes!.. fun!)
Great because the consultants and Registrars are so helpful and welcoming.. The nurses say hi to you when you come in in the morning.. They aren't afraid to have me actually DO things..
Surprising because there's a great link between clinical and lab staff. They place quite a bit of emphasis on research and take pride in their own research projects as well as their collegues. Just last week i was talking the "the professor". (yep, he is a professor.. but i've yet to determine what makes you a professor..) I was asking him if he was going to be doing any corneal grafts so i could watch. He said no... but he did say he was doing some on sheep! So last thursday i got to see 2 sheep have a corneal graft each as part of a phd research project.
It was strange seeing an animal in an operating theatre instead of the usual human.
Fun? Well.. seeing crazy eye symptoms, or attempting to see the signs using the plethora of lenses and microscopes is fun, if not a bit frustrating..

So right now, i have an uncanny itch to do some sort of research paper.. Is that strange?

P.s. as a side rant, i HATE it when people say (or text) "I'll ring you tomorrow" when they actually mean "I'm busy now and I'll see you when i see you."
Why can't they just say what they mean?! */Rant*

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pies pies pies.. Gooey, brewy, Yummy, chewy, pies!
Uh.. or something along those lines.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hmm... 7 days ago, one of my longest-held friends was married. It was a beautiful day, and I guess a bit surreal at the time.
When you've known someone for 15 years or so.. (I've known her since year 3!) you're used to them being a kid. Young. Rash. Excitable. Running to school to get to assembly on time. And while the days of building tree houses and making friendship bands have been long gone, I guess the act of getting married cements the departure of childhood into adulthood.
I wondered if I'd ever make that step. Or find someone to haul me into true adulthood. Mature. Self assured. Driven towards a future.

That night I met up with a friend from my first uni degree. I think we're both in this transitional limbo, with uncertainty about our futures. Full of hypotheticals, possible pathways and self doubt.

We ended up playing with lego until 3am.