Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today out of the blue, I received a call from the associate professor of psychiatry..
Ages ago now, maybe 2 months ago, I left a copy of my audit on 'treatment of amphetamine induced psychosis in emergency departments' with his secretary. I never thought that he would read it.

So he rang, and proceeded to give me feedback, quoting page numbers and paragraphs. He then asked if he could use my research in a presentation he was giving to other Department of Health bigwigs. -With my permission of course!

He then said that my audit is worth publishing in journal!

It would be a lot of work, in a small amount of time..
But I've never had anything published before.. (Aside from that clich├ęd short story i wrote in year 10 about a boy suiciding by drowning himself.)

So, after a week of being emotionally confused and physically sick, I'm excited! *dances*

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yay! For once people are visiting me!
Ed and Phil are driving down to visit me amongst other adventures..
My coz Amy is around this weekend too!

Bizarre. After 3 years of noone, then people!
*Feels loved*

On a random side note, today at the hospital i was taking blood and putting in a drip in a little old polish lady of about 80-something years old. Her 90-something year old husband was with her as a translator because she couldn't speak much english.
Anyways, I noticed as i glanced at her feet, that there were nude women on the back of a magazine. I took a second glance and noticed hyper-coloured text that went along the lines of.. "Call 1800-ADULTFUN"

... Errr i thought to myself..

I *subtly* lifted up the magazine to confirm my suspicions.
What are a 80 and 90 something year old polish couple doing with porn IN HOSPITAL?
I'm hoping that they were confused when they went to a newsagent. And the newsagent had a sick sense of humour. The other option is too freaky to contemplate.