Tuesday, November 29, 2005

So, this is the end of second year.
2 years done, 2 years to go.
2 years away fron Sydney and all my friends.. who have i kept in contact with?
Who has kept in contact with me?
Who are the new people i have met?
How many will still call if i'm living in another city? I wonder? hmmmm?
p.s. i hate packing. It's times like these when i wish i wasn't such a horder of junk.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This is the top of the world.
Maybe i should think small, because i miss small things from my view up here.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

(This photo is an ode to gamblor...=p)

-----I'm feeling rather stretched. As Bilbo Baggins said, kinda spread out thin like a bit of butter on too much bread. I'm tired of studying. I'm wanting to get out and have fun. I'm wanting to get on with my life and start working. I feel like i'm doing things in reverse. Move out of home when i'm still studying. Worrying about bills and groceries and cooking, when most people i know are worried about which top to wear to casual friday at work this week. Trying to make out that i'm smart, but not too smart lest people take what i say to heart. Trying to make our lives more interesting when really, everyone is moving their own black and white paint in circles attempting to make a colour- any colour. Trying to act nice when I just want to yell shut up you twit. You don't know how tiring it is reining in this desire.How much self control is takes. It wears you down. A guy who did my undergrad degree once said that it's easiest to be yourself and not pretend. He was right. He is right. But if that were the case, this world would be littered with sulky loud-mouthed nut bags. Yes, there is a place for self restraint, and you use online diaries to vent.
Thank you for reading this, if you did read this. If you didn't then this isn't relevant.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I met a girl from Japan- she is teaching me the art of patience and calmness.

I met a guy from Norway- he taught me that Australian's are not as friendly as we would like to think (fancy being in Australia for 2 years, and only meeting 4 Australians? versus 50 international people studying in Adelaide?)

I met a guy from Adelaide- He reminds me of a friend who is living in China. He is a musician, doing neuroscience, lives in wine country, and has a big goofy smile....

I wonder what happens to all these people you meet in an instant? I wonder if i'll ever see them again?

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It's my birthday!
And for the first time ever my beautiful housemates decided to throw me a surprise party!
And with every surprise party there is just one person who lets the cat out of the bag...
Mine happened like this:

[The scene: In our house seated around the kitchen table at 5pm are 3 people- A, JP, and me]
A: "So julia, what have you done for your birthday?"
Me: "Hmmm... not much so far, but JP and Lorraine are taking me out to dinner somewhere.."
A (to JP):"So, are you going out to tea after all the people come over??"
Me: "What?!?! What people? When? What's happening?"
[Cue uncomfortable silence]
JP: "Ummm..... It's ...nice weather today isn't it...?"