Saturday, June 17, 2006

Some quotes from the morning paper:
"With success, I have been given great wealth. And with great wealth comes great responsibility."
No, it's not a misquote from Starwars, its from Mr Gates.
And he is retiring from active decision making at Microsoft, to take up full time work as the US' richest philanthropist with his wife.
At least, he's thinking about his money, and where he can better spend it. Like subsidising medications that could potentially save hundreds, as in basic malaria treatments.

"I don't see [...] as the sum total of myself. It was just something I felt I had to do at a certain time in my life"
This i found interesting.. She felt that going into prostitution was something she had to do. Yet, her actions and consequences got her into that spot in the first place.
I know that's a pretty hard stand, but we were given the ability to reason and weigh up consequences. Nobody really has to do anything. There is always a choice.

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