Friday, November 07, 2008

It's funny how you remember certain moments in your life with perfect clarity. And there's really no impetus for these moments to stick. They are not momentus. Usually random decisions made on a whim. I guess it's a combination of people, place and thought.
One such example is during my first year of university. I was asked by 2 guys from the year above to accompany them to King's comics in the city. So, without prior knowledge of their personality (aside from knowing that they were both in a relationship with others.. ) I said yes and caught a bus to the comic store.
I remember them both saying that it was slightly strange that I should say yes to their proposal considering that i was a vulnerable girl in first year. And that I didn't really know them. I guess I could feel that they were both good people.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sometimes I think I am a pathological liar.
Lies just roll of my tongue.

I should play poker...

In other news, this man indeed was as humble as the media portrays. I didn't know I was treating the last surviving prince of Russia until a friend at his bedside told me his title. Rest in peace.

I haven't been able to get to sleep of late.
And I usually don't have nightmares, but last night I dreamt that I'd lost patches of hair, and that my skin was peeling off!

I'm a bit of a pessimist- which doesn't help in terms of my social life. Going to events is a bit of a debacle in that I think the worst about the night- I'll be the one noone talks to, minding the coats..
It never ends up like that, but the same scenario plays through my mind before each outing. I force myself to go, and usually I end up enjoying myself (and/or getting drunk on 2 standard drinks..)

Yesterday, I went to Dave's birthday, with people I haven't seen in literally years.
It was fantastic! It was a dress up party, and though noone knew who Lily Allen was, I was glad that at the end of the night my feet were not aching due to my fancy sneakers in place of heels.
About 100 people came, which I thought was a lot. Though I think Dave was disappointed with the turn out seeing as though 200 people RSVPed.
So, perhaps I'm not the only one with a social phobia?
Or perhaps people are getting lazy in their old age?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

So, I thought that i'd let you know about the kind of presentations we get in our emergency department:

* Male pattern baldness:
A 28 year old non-drug effected male attends our emergency complaining that he has a receeding hair line and is going bald for about 5 years.
I ask him why he chooses to turn up on a Sunday afternoon.. He said that he was "in the area" and should get someone to check his hair out before too late.
I think to myself.. "idiot"
I say to him, check out Ashley and Martin. Or Advanced Hair.. yeh yeh!

* Bugs in various facial orifices:
A 50-something year old woman attends the hospital with her husband complaining of waking up and finding bugs in her mouth, nose, hair and ears. (She brings tiny black guys in specimen containers to show me.. To prove that she's not delusional I guess.)
Her main concern is that the bugs are growing inside of her a la the Alien movies.
I ask her a few questions, and eventually ascertain that she has been sleeping in an infested matress- for at least a week!
I think to myself.. "idiot"
I say to her and her husband that she should dispose of the matress, spray the room with insecticide, clean her clothes and have a shower.
Another happy customer.

Sometimes ANYONE can be a doctor.. and that's proof.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been a while since i've blogged.

Nothings really changed.

Work is work.
In between is sleeping and eating.

Events are loosely speckled amongst the routine.

The latest was Splendor in the Grass at Byron Bay. What a brilliant set of 4 days. The drive away from Sydney, the music, the atmosphere, the slow drive back and a pie for lunch.
The highlights were Sigur Ros, whose ethereal music echoed throughout the main tent.. Polyphonic spree and their manic brand of happy (and their version of Nirvana's lithium which induced a similar euphoric mosh amongst us revelers).. and possibly installing dreadlocks on a horse's head.

I wonder if this is life after study?
And if so, I need to find some motivation to get me through work. I feel like I should be studying. A am keen to attend classes again and complete homework.
Just 8 months ago I was desperate to begin work and leave study.
What's wrong?
Will I achieve a happy medium?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's world youth week and I was in the city with some girlfriends for dinner.
The city has never been so full of kids being kids. Running amuck, with giant flags and yelling at the top of their lungs..
Some spontaneously bursting out in dance (I think they were waving Spanish flags.. On a side note, I realised how ignorant I am about geography and flags!), salsa-ing with fellow random pilgrims.
I must admit i was swept along with the crowds, and with my trio of girlfriends we bopped along too, and for a second let their youthful enthusiasm engulf us.
It's a great vibe, and I was thinking that it was unfair that some people had to ruin that by handing out condoms to these kids. They should be making their political message in other means, and not to 13 year olds who are here having a good time.

On another aside, I need to be less blunt, more patient and less... weird...
It's going to be hard.

Monday, May 26, 2008

So 3 more weeks until the end of this round of shift work.
It's turned out to be tiring.

Disgruntled. Angsty. Angry. Tired. Not-so-subtle. I've been called and have called myself these names. Emergency makes you harder. Less centred on quality, and more quantity. Waiting lists, complaining patients, staff stress. You try your best, and yet from the patient's point of view, they have been waiting for hours. They don't know you haven't had lunch.

There has to be a better system.
Emergency has suddenly morphed into the golden triage, where medicine is not practiced. Only labeling patients into categories for other's to sort out.

Anyway, depressing thoughts aside.
I've got visitors soon!
Next week Caz and Ming.
It's going to be welcome relief from working.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I've been asleep under a rock.
This evening, apparently, I find out there's been a hurricane in Burma. Millions are missing. It's possibly the biggest news this year. This happened May 3rd. It is now 5 days later. Damn work.

Other news, (quite big news actually) - 2 of my cousins are engaged. Within 2 weeks of each other. One lives in sydney. The other in Brisbane. (So no, it wasn't rigged.)
I like weddings!

Today I had my wallet stolen. The awesome one from Etsy. I was sad.
Today I also found out I've has an unpaid traffic offense fine since July LAST YEAR. The damage is $570. Ouch.
Today I paid for dinner for my parents. Finally. After months of promising to take them out for dinner.
Today I had lunch with a stranger. Found out I am attracted to accents after all. =)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

I've been missing in action online.
No internet at home;
No access to *dare I say it* facebook at work,
Just email, and even then just for a few minutes before work.

Hmm.. life without the internet is strange. But strangely after 2 months 'unwired' I don't really miss it.

Looking back;
It is surprising how much time I spent in front of the monitor, and to create what??
A virtual life revolving around blogging, and reading other people's blogs. Reading the news. Looking at people's photos, artworks, creations.
I guess for that amount of time, I haven't anything to show for it now. Not like a written manuscript, or a creation of my own.

That's the word I'm looking for.
The internet in intangible.

Still, the useful aspects of the net are regrettable- bus timetables, internet banking, *rosters for my shifts at work*!

The internet does have it's place.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Stumbled across this picture of my car after the trek from Sydney to Waikerie.
Gross hey? .. And a pain to clean!

Anyways, nothing really to say, except that I've successfully survived a week as a doctor.
Memorable moments included being called "Frail" by a 96 year old demented patient, Prescribing (incorrectly) potassium phosphate instead of potassium chloride.. (whoops), and being hauled around the hospital by a wanna-be-gay-maybe-gay-but-in-denial-severely-metrosexual doctor. Also survived a 14.5 hour shift this sunday, so it's all old hat from here right?
I doubt it, but that's why medicine is such a unique occupation- you can never predict what you'll be doing next.

Oh, and the hunt for a decent abode nearer the hospital continues..

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Conversation between myself and my 2 cousins, Steven aged 10 and Josh 12ish..
Me:[spies a nintendo DS] Hey Steven, what game are you playing?
Steven: It's called Pokemon..
Me: Oh, I used to play that.. I was a master pokemon trainer, and all my pokemon were level 90!
Steven & Josh: Really! ..
Steven: Can we link up?
Me: Huh?
Steven: Can you show me your pokemon?
Me: Umm.. I played maybe 7 years ago.. and it was on the original game boy. (Actually, it was on the computer, but that would take too long to explain..)
Steven: What do you mean original game boy? Mine's original!
Josh: I think she means the game boy colour.
Me: No, it was black and white..
Steven: You mean the DS?
Me: No... It had a screen this big, and had a cross and an A and B button..
Josh: Yeh! And it was really big and chunky..
Me: YEH!
Josh: [whispers to Steven] I think it was the game boy colour.
Me: No! It was out before you were both born! Look it up!


Steven: [To Josh] Do you want to link up?

Bah, I can't believe I'm this old.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nothing says Christmas, and then New Year than mountains of left over food.. with the pièce de résistance being mother's baked ham..