Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Perhaps it's the End of an Era

It's weird.
I'm watching as most of my friends are grappling with the reality of shedding the ideals and stereotypes (for want of a better word) of "work". Work as the next stage of life perhaps.. mostly because of it's implications of the future. (work is the future right? .. didn't Freud say a person is healthy if they are able to work and love. nothing else.) And for a majority of my friends, work doesn't equate to what they pictured their future to look like.

And me? Well, i guess i took the easy option by delaying the struggle by a couple of years. =P

But seriously, the allure of the workplace must be something. Why else would people be doing it?

Or it could be just like school- some people hate it, some people love it, but regardless, you're there to learn.


I've kinda finished christmas shopping *finally*!
I just hope that they like their gifts.
Boy was it hell to shop! Especially when you don't know what to get, and you're aimlessly wandering around the place hoping for inspiration to hit you in the face. My parents would have to be the hardest peoeple to shop for in the whole world! Luckily i broke down while we were wine tasting in Adelaide and bought an $11 jar of the hugest olives you've seen. That came in handy because i totally couldn't think of anything to get for dad. Tuesday, i chaperoned ian around while he went through the same process of wandering aimlessly around westfield- only condensed to one day. (lucky him!)

It's Claude's birthday tomorrow. umm.. in 6 mins to be exact. I wonder if she's better? It'd be terrible to be sick on your birthday .. even if it's residue sickness. Anyway, Happy birthday Claude!

And it's Christmas in 3 days! How exciting..! really.. i'm a little bit excited -for no reason some people might say. But i honestly love Christmas! =)

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sonic Hedgehog:

1) A famous hero for a console game entitled 'Sonic the Hedgehog". Dreamt up by a Japanese dude working for Sega.(i think) Reached peak popularity during the early 90's.

2) The name of a homeotic gene which has been proven to play a cruicial role during the development of a fetus. Sonic Hedgehog mediates the interactions between the notochord and the ectoderm and mesoderm beginning at abouts 18days after fertilisation. The notochord induces the body to form around it- it is the "anchor" for the development of the fetus.

A gene called Sonic Hedgehog.
How about THAT?

P.S. 6 days till i get home!

Saturday, December 04, 2004

It took approximately 22 hours before this apple grew mould.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding. (My big cousin- Chris!) I am so happy for him- his wife Elly is awesome! She has only met me once before the wedding, and still she remembered my name!
The wedding is really the conclusion.. well.. the the end of the beginning - pardon the cliche.
The beginning? They met in China.
Chris wanted to learn Manderin in China, so he went there for a year.
Elly grew up in Indonesia, but was studying Manderin in China also. However she had been there for a few years prior to 'the meeting'.
So what are the odds that an Australian born guy and an Indonesian born girl meet in some foreign country, randomly hook up, and remain hooked up for the past 5 years across different countries?
It's weird how things just happen. I bet neither of them had any idea how this would turn out.. =p
I like randomness. And this world is full of such probabilities.

Kind of reminds me of the Heart of Gold and it's Infinite Improbability Drive.

But real.

I often wonder how my friends at home are progressing through their lives...? If anything has changed, If they have discovered anything wonderous, If they have bought anything grand, If they still remember me?

Today I tasted my first Fruit mince pie. I learnt that Fruit mince pie's DON'T contain fruit AND mince meat, but just minced fruit. It was like discovering that Santa isn't really real! What a discovery! Talk about eyes wide open.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

I am the sole proprietor of the Ministry of Spontaneous Acts of Infinite Variability.

I'm so sad.. lol!

Exams in 2 weeks, 3 days.(What's a chi^2 Test?!)

I'm so scared! =/

Today a friend at school asked me and a group of other med students to talk about the kinda of text books we used and would recommend to the next intake of students next year. At one stage i blurted out that I would marry Sherwood. (A physiology text). I didn't think that a day would come whereby I would appreciate a text book so much that I would declare my love for it in public. Oh well, there's always a first time for everything.

We're studying embryology and genetics at the moment- and i'm kinda fascinated about how the human embryo develops from a cell to a fully fledged being. It's kinda amazing. We saw an ultrasound of a baby at 12 weeks, and you could see it kicking and stomping around in the mother's belly and everything! I didn't realise that it was so.. well.. alive at the age of -6months.
We also had a prac where the professor shows us various embryos with developmental abnormalities and defects. This one chicken embryo had 2 beaks. Another had it's guts on the outside of it's skin- with each visceral organ duplicated! (So it had 2 stomachs, 2 livers, etc..) Another's head wasn't fully developed so it's brain was exposed.. gross and fascinating at the same time!

Saturday, November 13, 2004

...underneath the steps...

Friday, November 12, 2004

There is 2 showers in my new place, and 3 girls and 2 guys living together.
Thought this was funnie- Who would have thought that the differences in gender could be neatly summed up and captured in a picture such as this? =p

Today the girls of the house went and indulged ourselves by watching Bridget Jones' Diary. When we arrived home, one of the boys had baked us scones! (There goes my theory that all guys have kitchen allergies... Especially to the oven...)
T'was a thoughtful, beautiful gesture. And the best bit- it was purely random- So it was a surprise!

Speaking of surprises- the fact that Baz remembered the date of my birthday was amazing! Smsing me out of the blue!

Speaking of out of the blue.. nothing screams breaking Australian news like the break-up of Delta and Mark Philippoussis for shock horror good old Paris Hilton.

Speaking of Paris Hilton, I think i need to get a life because i'm going to ask.... *wait for it* Did anyone watch the OC?

I had so much to say, but now it's just gone to the wind..

...During the past 2 weeks, i've learnt a few things- the biggest being that it's all very well to joke about people's quirks when they are present and laughing too. But it's a very different thing to laugh about it when they aren't there. It's just ettiquete i guess, coz you never know if that other person is going to be offended or not..

My birthday was 12 days ago now- and well, do i feel older? not really. Do i act older? Let's hope not!

Only 37 days to go! =)

Thursday, November 11, 2004


yess! *fist of victory*

Only 2 more exams and 35 more days till i get back to Sydney!

Sunday, October 31, 2004


Diana Krall isn't an olden-days singer.. she's a jazz singer..
She isn't even old! Born in 1964.
Shows how much I know about music.

I'm 3/4 of the way through our massive 4 day "holiday" after exams.
There's been a lot of things going on- and a lot of things i want to do/ planned to do, but just haven't. No excuses. Just the way things have turned out.

Last night, i watched Love Actually. It's kinda ironic- Last year I was poking fun of my friend Jen, when we went to England because she wanted to see Love Actually sooooo badly. It turned out that it's a pretty decent movie. I especially liked the different perspectives on love- and how much it hurts and messes with you, but also, how good it is when love is reciprocated. Bitter sweet is how love is described. It is it's own oxymoron.

Also went and saw the Australian String Quartet play in the city. They were awesome. I especially liked Janacek's String Quartet No.2, called "intimate Letters". Reminded me of being in the inside of a person's head who is in love. All intense, and dynamic and manic. It was brillent! Full of emotion, and wonder and sharp juttery edges.

I often wonder if I'll ever find love. Perhaps?

My cousin is getting married at the end of November. I'm hoping that musicians will pop out amongst the congregation in the aisles singing "All you need it love.."
One can always hope.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Australian's are idiots.

1) I was walking to the supermarket, when this random lady came up to me and spat out,"Asian Pig!". I gave her one of my super delux evil-eyes- but refrained from saying anything. She retaliated by screwing up her face with contempt and saying, "Don't stare at me! You might contaminate me!"


2) Johnny Howard was re-elected.
Seriously, are people blind? Stoopid? Ignorant? Hello?

3) Ricky-Lee got voted off Australian Idol.
Don't they know that NOONE can sing the Beatles? That's what makes the Beatles so great..
Oh, and Glenn A Baker- the music historian that was on the show, used to be my next door neighbour.. back in the day when i Lived in baulkham hills. He was scary. I accidently threw my Kit doll(from Thunder cats) over the fence, and was too scared to go and get it. (Pointless story)

Friday, September 17, 2004

I've recently become obsessed with olden days music.. From the 60's to be exact. Like..
The Beatles -Mean Mister Mustard sleeps in the park
Shaves in the dark trying to save paper
Sleeps in a hole in the road
Saving up to buy some clothes
Keeps a ten-bob note up his nose

Diana Krall- I can hardly wait to hold you, feel my arms around you How long I have waited Waited just to love you, now that I have found you

Dionne Warwick -Foolish pride
Is all that I have left
So let me hide
The tears and the sadness you gave me
When you said goodbye
Walk on by
and walk on by

Has anyone else just realised how bizarre some of the Beatle's lyrics can be? And they like singing about people... Mean Mr Mustard, Maxwell, Polythene Pam, Nowhere Man, Jude, Sgt Pepper.. Or rather, Sgt Pepper's band.

Exams are round AGAIN.. in a month. Grrr.. And this time exams feature a heart disection, performing a history and Cardio/ Resp Exam on a "patient" (who really is a guy who is paide to be poked and proded by incompetant med students. Lucky him.)

Can't wait till the holidays.. REAL holidays.. that are more than 5 days in duration! Unfortunately I'll be waiting until mid-December. dangnabit.

P.S. Who would have thought I could be sucked into the bottomless black hole that is Australian Idol.. for a second time?! I've watched the performance, the walk of shame- er the eviction, Inside Idol.. That's 3hours in the past week that i've dedicated myself to this.. And I don't even have a twisted peadophilic crush on Amali to justify my actions.. I think i need a doctor!

P.P.S And just to clarify, my addiction to old music did not coincide with Idol's 60's night on next week. My housemates have bared witness to the horrible warbling that has been occuring for the past month.

Monday, September 06, 2004

I remember when I was little my grandma used to cook chicken instant noodles for me, and rice or my brother. I love noodles and my brother loved rice.
She used to cut up my noodles with a spoon and fork before I started eating them. Mainly to prevent me from splashing soup all over myself because my fork and I couldn't quite grapple with endlessly long noodles.
She used to serve us a soya sauce drumstick as well. That was my brother's favourite meal- soya sauce chicken and rice.

That was when i was little enough to believe that if i picked those little pink flowers at the front of my grandma’s house, they would be taken at night by fairies.
When I believed that Ewoks and Monkey Magic were the epitome of crime fighting heroes around the world.
When I believed my grandma was the greatest because she used to walk every day to the shops with her trolley.
And when I didn't know about anything as insidious as cancer.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

My dream car.. Too bad it's a manual.. and i'm the biggest unco on planet earth.

Here's proof-
I burnt my wrist on the iron..There is now a brown welt in the shape of a worm tattooed on my right wrist.
I bought a pair of "high" heels the other day.. The heels in reality measure 1.5 cms in height. I managed to trip 3 times before the compulsory "new shoes" blisters set in and forced me to take them off.
Has anyone seen me eat lately? ...Enough said..

Sunday, August 29, 2004

I need to blog more often...
But I also need to do a dozen other things too.. like go to the grocery to buy food, study, ring people, sleep..
Who would have thought that this medicine business would be such hard work?

Anyway, yesterday, a group at uni decided to organise a "mystery bus trip". So called, because the destinations weren't revealed to us at all, and the predominant mode of transport was on a bus. Hmm.. logical..
Anyway, we saw an albino kangaroo. Reminded me of being 6 years old again. Ahh the days.. *sinks into blissful reminiscence*

Saturday, August 14, 2004

That Night

Yesterday night began with a frenzied trip to the op shop, and finished with a trip to Macca's at 0200. The dining area wasn't open, so we went through the drive through.

A kid- Ryan - 14years old, took our order and was quite tolerant of the drunken orders being shouted at him by my friends. Grace wanted a toy, but sadly, he wouldn't budge, which caused cries of disjuncture and almost incited a riot in the back seat. "That Ryan, so tight.. give us a toy man!"*

Our food was given to us by a chick - Jenelle - an 18 year old who looked quite young (to my defense). Before I knew her age, I stuck my head out the window of the car and asked her if she was going out with Ryan. She twisted her face with disgust and cried, "I'm 18! And ryan's, like, 12!" With that, she turned her back and shook her head some more.


There went our chances for that Macca's toy.

*Just a toned down sample of the comments thrown around in the car. These comments and similar went on for several minutes, in the manner of drunken speech. Accompanied with much laughter from the 'not-so-drunk' of course.

Monday, August 09, 2004

What is?

What is the Crazy Horse?
Perhaps it'll be a bit clearer if I spell it like:
Crazy Whores.
Ok. It's a strip joint.
Am I the only one who doen't really see what the whole fuss is about? It's hedonistic. It's narcissistic. It's well... what old fusty guys who earn too much money and have no social lives what-so-ever (or footballers) go to see.

What is Pulsus Paradoxus?
Nope. I can't make it more clearer than that.
Spelling or none.
It's when there is a decrease in systolic blood pressure when you breathe in.
But don't worry.
It's normal (If it's a less than 10 mm Hg difference).
If it's greater than 10?
You're screwed.
Nah, it just means you've probably got either constrictive pericarditis, or tamponade, or Chronic Obstructive airways disease.
Which leads to heart failure.
Which means you're screwed. (I was lying before)

What is Stupidity?
When you lock the car door and completely forget about the fact that the keys to the car are still in the ignition.
That is:

Love the world we're in.

Monday, July 26, 2004

For Jono =)

Thursday, July 22, 2004

My heart rate is 81bpm. Those who have the slightest clue will catch on that 81bpm is NOT something to be proud of- it basically means that i'm unhealthy and dun do any exercise such that I have any muscle strength at all. I told my housemates, and they're making me their next convert to the gym. Please, If i ever fork out the money to enter a sweaty, rank, mouldy gym, someone kill me. Thanks! I'd rather die of some cardiovascular disease like heart failure.. (only joking... but just..)

Made my first receipe from Laura's vegetarian cookbook. After initial doubts, it turned out alright- Perhaps next time I should choose a receipe that didn't involve tomatos. (I HATE tomatos, and the receipe was garnished with raw, floury, sour, tomatos... yich..) But other than the tomatoes, it was really tasty.

I came home today and thought that I needed a change, so I decided to take myself literally, and take a shower.. only to find out that our shower door had been replaced by a shower curtain that didn't quite make it to the shower gutter.. Hence, when I was in the shower, water gushed everywhere on the floor.. It reminded me of the Italian and French showers. European designers... they're awesome!

Friday, July 16, 2004

Just because...

Lacking motivation.
Slightly paranoid that I'm losing my mind- because I have no outlet and no car..
For once in my life, I'm looking forward to summer just because i'll be able to go to the beach.. I'll probably miss getting to wear coats and beanies and jackets tho..
Can you be infatuated with some you're not sure if you like? Like really infatuated? My problem is that i'm too quiet and too easily influenced by others.. and too lost for words.
Am obsessed with Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki.
Wish I knew how to judge people's character.. be more empathetic, and know what people are thinking and feeling. Wish i was more of a people's person. Hate the fact that I've got a quiet voice which gets quieter when i'm nervous. I like the fact that i'm sarcastic- but that often backfires.. =p
I like random things..Like when people smile for no particular reason, when people walking by are lost in though and start smiling or laughing for no disternable reason..
There's a dead magpie carcass I pass every morning i walk to school. It's been there forever. I wonder if one day it'll be cleaned up or if it'll lie there in the sidewalk scrub until it decomposes?
Ebay is evil and addictive and I should quit buying things if I know what's best for me!
Is it bad of me to admit I like the feel of lungs? They're all squishy and airated and light- like mousse.. but not really.. Sometimes I think I'm a bit strange..
Want to paint like I used to paint. But have kinda lost "the touch". "The touch" is just the confidence that you could create something that you image in your mind. (at least.. that's what happened to me. I had this great confidence that I could reproduce something that I saw so vividly in my mind. And it would appear on the piece of canvas/paper in front of me.) They say u need skills, but it's just the belief that you can do something.

Perhaps I should get to bed.. yes, I should, before I get keyboardface.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I'd like to take credit for this photo... but no, it was taken by Anne the german- a 4th year med student who was brave enough to trek to Australia to complete a medical elective in a foreign country which doesn't even speak her own native language.

Well... uni has been back for all of days now, and i'm not of to a good start. I woke up late today, at 12:15 in fact! Lectures started at 12- so there goes congenital heart defects.. To add to that, I'm missing the fact that i cant just get up and call a friend to catch up. I guess i got too used to the social situation in Sydney. Grah!
Can't wait till next holidays already. It's a curse!

Saw Shrek2 with Ashesh, and it was GREAT! I think the trick is to go into it with no expectations what so ever.. that way, when jokes get fired from one gingerbread man to the next, you'll be in hysterics. Seriously, the best charater was Mongo the giant gingerbread man. Favourite quote: We're up Chocolate creek without a popsicle stick.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Pidgeons - Rats with wings.. Something that I was desperately missing in Adelaide..
Well actually, instead of pidgeons they have seagulls... they're the same thing really... annoying, greedy, disease infested, filthy blood-thirsty scavengers that are too over weight for their own good. But enough about birds...

The holidays have been interesting..
1) I was officially a smurf! Erica dyed my hair blue- and it ran for 2 days! Luckily there's a drought in Sydney at the moment, otherwise my clothes, and skin would now be stained blue!
2) Have also experienced the absolutely GORGEOUS, Dar-ling! cafe culture in Double Bay with Andrew who was generous enough to shout me breakfast/lunch at the Max Brenner cafe.
3) Have had turquoise, jade and black roving dreads in my hair- just for fun! Decided that that many fake extensions just make my head look too big in proportion to my body. Kinda looked like a bizarre anime character or something.. but kinda kewl to be able to freak random school kids out who were in North Rocks park at the time.. lol!
4) Urge EVERYONE to see the Biennale of Sydney while it is still around. I wasn't able to go see the whole exhibition, but Em and I discovered that the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Rocks has the quirkiest, randomest artworks that made me pause and think.. Definately worth seeing the video installation of a nude guy burrowing underneath carpet by Brazilian artist Amilcar Packer- it's better than it sounds! - and the artworks created by Michael Raedecker using paint and embroidery to create surrealist still life's.(lives?)

Anyway, only 4 more days of blissful holiday to go before it's back to uni...

Friday, June 25, 2004

Wandering in the city..

Today was the first time i decided to make the trip out to the "city" since i've been back in Sydney. I had the foresight to bring my camera with me in case i got the itch to take random pictures while i was out. So after being treated to ramen with Ian, I wandered down to Circular Quay,taking miscellaneous pictures all the while. I was not alone. There were a few other photographers and video-er's out there taking advantage of the flocks of business men, pidgeons, and concrete shadows.

So i continued from Circular Quay, to the old Apple carpark back past my old uni library, stopping briefly at Krispy Kremes for a much needed sugar hit. (Did you know a donut contains 15g of fat? Mmmmmm... fattening..)

Ok.. ok.. Replace "stopping briefly" with "waiting in line for half an hour in front of a pack of school kids, and behind a sarcastic mother and son who were chatting about the whole KK cult that has taken over Sydney"

Anyways, I passed a random cart selling coffee and snacks, which had this pertinent quote on a chalk board. It's something to remember when you're feeling lost and overwhelmed by your situation.

P.S.... LOL! watching Naruto intermittently, and this message from a subber popped on screen for a sec after a repeat of the scene before: "Don't you just hate commercial breaks? I've always wondered what would happen if subbers pit in their own little "specials" ;)" I wonder..

Thursday, June 17, 2004

After exams
I don't think i've ever been so relieved or tired or hyper after exams

But not awake hyper, rather sleepy lethargic hyper..
Which, really, can be explained by having 3 hours sleep the night before, being pepped up on coffee, and attempting to cram so much junk on Motivation.. Compliance.. The BioPsychoSocial Model..

Yep, last exams were Psychological,Ethics and Law based..

So having finished my first lot of med school exams, what do i do?

I'm coming back home baby!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Here's the kitchen notice board..
As you can see, i'm slightly bored at the moment, especially since i SHOULD be studying..
It's always remarkable what you want to do once you have to study for exams, or do an assignment.. It's like, we only appreciate the freedom that we have, once we do the whole guilt trip thing on ourselves, when we know we can't do anything fun - Like during exams.

I'm really looking forward to going back home. All i've been thinking about is painting... And catching up with people. It's nice to be able to get away from really smart, highly strung, enthusiastic people who are in my course.

I wonder if this html will work or not.. we'll see... =) It's surprising i still remember html!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

2 days till exams and what am i doing? Fiddling around with a digital camera i bought on whim, and posting useless pictures up on the net.

Friday, June 11, 2004

My tute group, at the med ball, an age ago...!

Miss Procrastination


Exams in 3 days..
All i want to do is pass..
Why am i on the net??

You know that you're procrastinating when:
1) You walk 20mins to uni at 6:00 to have pizza with your friends - as a study break
2) You get back home at 9:00 from eating pizza at uni with your friends- that's a 3 hour study break
3) You eat more pizza and miscellaneous snacks when you get home - that's a 4 hour study break
4) You decide to go on the net to look up your email for any "IMPORTANT: Exams are CANCELLED due to a pack of dogs which shoot bees out of their mouths when they bark consuming the only copy of the exam we had" type emails, and you decide to open icq.. - that's a 6 hour study break

Saturday, June 05, 2004

the end of the end of the beginning of the beginning..

I feel so down lately.
Think that exams are finally getting to me in a big way.
I wonder if i'm just predispositioned to hate the world.
I hope not - mostly because there's some people out there who are so good to me.

A few friends at school had noticed that i've been off lately, and what they told me almost made me cry. They said that if i ever needed anything, or wanted to talk, all i had to do was rock up to their place. This came out of the blue... And i think that's what surprised me most. Sometimes you don't realise who REALLY looks out for you until you're at your worst.

Here's hopeing i get over the exams without that much mental scarring! =p (though i never was an optimist)

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Josh Rouse

Went and saw Josh Rouse on Saturday.. I wasn't expecting much, considering i was only introduced to his music 1 week prior to the concert, but it was awesome!
Too bad Adelaide hadn't heard of him.. There were seriously only 50 people there. They should all meet crazy american people, so they can be introduced to GOOD american music. Actually, i was speaking to a friend's friend who i met at the concert, and she said that she ony knew who Josh Rouse was because she was introduced to him through a friend. It's the kind of music that you have to find out from through word of mouth.. you know how it goes:
"Have you met Josh Rouse?"
"Nopers.. Should i have?"
"Certainly! I'll bring him over the next time i see you! You'll LOVE him, he's great!"

et al.
Anyway, it was a pretty interesting night.. Beginning with a dinner with friends at an italian bistro in the city. It was Ghetto-Chris, Melissa, Liz, Tristophan and i, and we were wondering where all the people were. We passed 3 people- in the MIDDLE of the city, at 1900! Twas like a ghost town.
Anyway, ghetto chris, melissa and i were the only ones going to the concert afterwards, so we were escorted by the troupe to the concert venue, were we said our goodbyes.

The night was pretty slow to start. Doors open at 2000 for a 2100 start, but it started a bit later - i think the place was waiting for a few more people to show up. Unfortunatly not many did.
The support act was a guy called Paul Vallum. He was pretty good- had a quirky sense of humor, and was constantly advertising his support band "for the ladies in the audience".
"This is Jordan and Jim.. They're pretty cute don't you think?" and then;
"If anyone wants to request any zany 50's music or get phone numbers for Jordan or Jim, i'll be around after the concert.."

Josh came on shortly afterwards, and immediately said, (sarcastically) "My god, it's so crowded in here.." where do all the Adelaide people go after dark?
i wonder.

He and Curt the keyboard dude were excellent.. the music was so atmospheric, and it's amazing how 2 people can produce such music with only a guitar, a keyboard and their voices. Sometimes i wish i had such musical talent. If you want some advice, listen to their music. It will make you believe in life and love like you used to believe before you were caught up in the whole glamour of relationships nowdays.
Meanwhile, the girls in the audience were falling madly in love with Josh.
It was only afterwards, when they were packing up, that everyone realised that he was only 10cm taller than me(ie, really short). He was like a little pixie! But oh so cute, and well.. everyeone was really too drunk or too desperate to take any notice. I kinda felt sorry for the guy- especially when these 2 whores started latching themselves onto him big time.
I also felt sorry for Curt, and after Josh was hustled out of the venue by the 2 whores, we asked Curt if he'd like a lift to the Grace Emily- the place where Josh went. Anyway, it turned out that we had 6 people, and a 5 seat car. And for some reason, I ended up sitting in Curt's lap.. lol! Too bad i didn't bring a camera.

So while i've been in Adelaide, I've been to 3 concerts, and spoken to all 3 people up on stage after the show. Pete Murray, The butterfly effect and now Josh Rouse.
I guess sometimes it's good being in such a small town. It does have it's benefits afterall.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

FUN-Ahoi! Exams in 2 weeks...

Just got photos back from previous events- the ball, the ramdom visit by Erica, Chris & Izzy, graduation, Randomness..
I like photos and the way they capture a moment without any complicated history behind it- it's sometimes just nice to look at something without thinking about what it means, who people are, what they are thinking.. A photo is like a still frame in a movie, and it makes you just appreciate it for what it is -just a picture.

Everyone looks happy in pictures. I like that too.
And i like how you take pics randomly and then dont remember that you took them, so when you get them developed, it's like a huge surprise!

I'm rambling on about pictures when i'm supposed to be studying for exams.
god help my soul...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bullet points

*I'm surrounded by people who dun have the same sense of morals as i do.. Would you cheat on your partner?
*I feel i'm tetering on the edge of the kerb- i could leave what i have and be me and be intraverted or i can stay and not be me but experience a different cirle.
*I feel like a traditional 12 course cantonese banquet complete with duck, crab and sharkfin soup - i'd almost kill to taste that right now!
*I'm fluent in crappy movies: old school, Evil woman, the wash, bad boys 2..
*Wish i had the guts to do a few things in my past life and now.
*The saying "guys think about sex every 7 seconds" is apparently not true- it's every 30 seconds, according to my housemate (who is a he).
*I love the freedom, the knowledge, the new discoveries.
*It's cold, and i need a drier! my clothes are never going to dry!
*I miss lotsa people - it's surprising who!
*My email doesn't want to send.
*The thread that binds everyone in my course together is pure, raw, dirty, gossip. It doesn't change at all!
*I want to live by the beach.
*The art of conversation still eludes me, tho i think i'm getting better.
*I'm a sucker for happy endings and justice. With an emphasis on both.
*I want my old site back!

Monday, May 17, 2004

i feel bitchy.
but i dun have pms. whats wrong?
ick, i cant stand it anymore.
i hate being compared.
i hate being the same.
i hate being spoken about behind my back so i cant fight back.
i hate being judged.
i hate favouritism.
i am different, and i shouldn't have to conform just to please the population.
i hate those who conform.

Saturday, May 15, 2004


Well... what can i say? Graduation was somewhat more exciting than i first thought it would be.. I've been given many "words of advice" from numerous people including some who suggested that i get the hell out once i received my certificate.
Aside from a few sniggers about the dean of IT's pronounciation of a few names, it was pretty harry potter-esque. Lots of old people in graduation cloaks and scepters and maces all round. I especially liked the throne in the middle of the hall. Very renaissance. =p

I remember Dannii's advice about what to do when you get face to face with the chancellour of UTS- the "take" with your left hand, the "shake" with your right hand and the "doff" at the end. What is a doff? It's when you nod your head apparently- it's a sign of respect. Just gotta be careful that that square hat doesn't fly off and spear the old dude in the forehead. Not very sophisticated at all!

I was most suprised by my ex-uni friends. They all seem different- working now and more sedate than my other friends. Probably coz they're all grown up and making money. They also seem to know their place in the world. Sometimes i envy them, in that they're out of the uni system forever.. and they dont have to worry about exams and assignments, turning up to lectures, and eating caffeteria food. Then again, uni life is great- lots of people floating around to catch up with without having to make much of an effort.

So now that i've officially got a uni degree under my belt, I can print on my future business cards: Julia Low B.IT (UTS) - whoooheee! I've been looking forward to that for the past 3 years. =)


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