Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm up and it's 12:33am. I am sad. The kind of sad that eats away at the back of your mouth and into your eyes.
I feel if I could draw a cartoon of me it would be a shadow engulfed by a dark cloud, with an invisible shield keeping people from me.

Does this sadness stem from an event? person? Words exchanged perhaps?
It was always there.
Just now it's here, and hungry.
I feed it everything now.
The broken friendships.
Envy of others.
My constant study.
My inadequacies and fears.

My husband has not said goodnight for that past two days now. He is currently in a warm drunken sleep on the couch. That is it's dessert.

How did I get here, in this cloud?
I want to run away, start afresh, see the sun.
Instead, sadness is sucking my tears from my eyes. Burning my head, and growing ever hungry.