Friday, October 20, 2006

Thoughts that make me laugh..

While in theatre, performing an abdominal laparoscopy the surgeon said (half to himself half to the medical student),
so there's the sigmoid colon there...
Old man sigmoid....

An Incoming transmission from Ambos to us(the hospital)
H>This is hospital receiving..
A>Yeh, hi. We have a 57 year old woman who had chest pain, was in VT, was given midazolam and defibrillated with 100J which returned her into sinus rhythm. We are 10mins from the hospital. Over.
H>Ok. Thanks.
Nurses look at me. I look blankly and thing *oh crap* as well as *How exciting*

30 minutes pass... still waiting for the ambulance in casulty.
One of the doctors walks in.
"Don't worry, the ambulance will be here in another 10 mins. They've had to change a tyre"
Chorus of Doctors, nurses and myself: "WHAT?!?!?!!?!!!"
Doctor chuckles..
"Only kidding"

45 minutes pass.... Casulty is a bit crowded with 3 doctors, 2 nurses, and 1 medical student milling around. The ambulance finally arrives.
Anaesthetist runs out to the ambulance and then runs back in shouting,
"It's SOPHIE!"
Suddenly there's a mad scramble for the doors leaving the casulty doctor and I looking at each other blankly.
*Queue tumble weed*

Apparently she's a "frequent flyer". Well known to the doctors for being a perenial complainer and pain to treat. Hence the mass exodus.

They don't show that on ER. =)

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