Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been a while since i've blogged.

Nothings really changed.

Work is work.
In between is sleeping and eating.

Events are loosely speckled amongst the routine.

The latest was Splendor in the Grass at Byron Bay. What a brilliant set of 4 days. The drive away from Sydney, the music, the atmosphere, the slow drive back and a pie for lunch.
The highlights were Sigur Ros, whose ethereal music echoed throughout the main tent.. Polyphonic spree and their manic brand of happy (and their version of Nirvana's lithium which induced a similar euphoric mosh amongst us revelers).. and possibly installing dreadlocks on a horse's head.

I wonder if this is life after study?
And if so, I need to find some motivation to get me through work. I feel like I should be studying. A am keen to attend classes again and complete homework.
Just 8 months ago I was desperate to begin work and leave study.
What's wrong?
Will I achieve a happy medium?