Saturday, July 01, 2006

This is my 100th post on this blog..
Can you believe it?!

It's raining outside.

This afternoon, I went and visited a little old Italian lady who lives just down the street. She was telling me how she has a new little black chicken running around her backyard.
"You seea-Julie, the lady who lives behind me, she had many chickens, lotsa chickens.. but after being in hospital for over 1 month, she couldn't look after the chickens no more.
So she sold them, but one of the chickens must have escaped because I got a little black chicken in me backyard see?"
She proceeded to tell me how the chicken is shy, and runs away when she gets the lawn cut, but always returns. And how the chicken sleeps underneath her window at night.
She then said that she would like to build a chicken pen, but she can't catch this chicken- although she has tried to catch it many times at night when it's sleeping.

Now, this lady lives by herself, and is blind. When she was telling me this story, with a great lot of hand waving, I almost burst myself laughing because I could just see her lying in wait for this black chicken at night.
But it's great- the chicken keeps her company... And she's the only one in her street with a pet chicken.

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