Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm sick.
I've got a cold!
When are holidays??

Actually, the best time i've had this year was during easter, when i was the miscellaneous guest to a friend's friend's family easter holiday at a shack near when i am. It was weird and fun.. and eventful.
But not in the traditional sense.

Weird seeing majong being played in Adelaide- when i spent the last holidays being taught how to play by Erica and John.
Fun being around people i haven't really met. And being welcomed. And sitting around a campfire. It made me miss my family and friends in sydney.

Maybe next time i'll go fishing.


Hoa said...

Ah.. when you go to a 'friend's friend's Easter family holiday', can you be anything other than a 'miscellaneous guest'? :P

Get well soon.

Jaye said...


Still up to mischief?
Thanks for the well wishes.. I hate being sick! It's times like these when you wish you were at home drinking mum's chicken soup.