Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Pidgeons - Rats with wings.. Something that I was desperately missing in Adelaide..
Well actually, instead of pidgeons they have seagulls... they're the same thing really... annoying, greedy, disease infested, filthy blood-thirsty scavengers that are too over weight for their own good. But enough about birds...

The holidays have been interesting..
1) I was officially a smurf! Erica dyed my hair blue- and it ran for 2 days! Luckily there's a drought in Sydney at the moment, otherwise my clothes, and skin would now be stained blue!
2) Have also experienced the absolutely GORGEOUS, Dar-ling! cafe culture in Double Bay with Andrew who was generous enough to shout me breakfast/lunch at the Max Brenner cafe.
3) Have had turquoise, jade and black roving dreads in my hair- just for fun! Decided that that many fake extensions just make my head look too big in proportion to my body. Kinda looked like a bizarre anime character or something.. but kinda kewl to be able to freak random school kids out who were in North Rocks park at the time.. lol!
4) Urge EVERYONE to see the Biennale of Sydney while it is still around. I wasn't able to go see the whole exhibition, but Em and I discovered that the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Rocks has the quirkiest, randomest artworks that made me pause and think.. Definately worth seeing the video installation of a nude guy burrowing underneath carpet by Brazilian artist Amilcar Packer- it's better than it sounds! - and the artworks created by Michael Raedecker using paint and embroidery to create surrealist still life's.(lives?)

Anyway, only 4 more days of blissful holiday to go before it's back to uni...

Friday, June 25, 2004

Wandering in the city..

Today was the first time i decided to make the trip out to the "city" since i've been back in Sydney. I had the foresight to bring my camera with me in case i got the itch to take random pictures while i was out. So after being treated to ramen with Ian, I wandered down to Circular Quay,taking miscellaneous pictures all the while. I was not alone. There were a few other photographers and video-er's out there taking advantage of the flocks of business men, pidgeons, and concrete shadows.

So i continued from Circular Quay, to the old Apple carpark back past my old uni library, stopping briefly at Krispy Kremes for a much needed sugar hit. (Did you know a donut contains 15g of fat? Mmmmmm... fattening..)

Ok.. ok.. Replace "stopping briefly" with "waiting in line for half an hour in front of a pack of school kids, and behind a sarcastic mother and son who were chatting about the whole KK cult that has taken over Sydney"

Anyways, I passed a random cart selling coffee and snacks, which had this pertinent quote on a chalk board. It's something to remember when you're feeling lost and overwhelmed by your situation.

P.S.... LOL! watching Naruto intermittently, and this message from a subber popped on screen for a sec after a repeat of the scene before: "Don't you just hate commercial breaks? I've always wondered what would happen if subbers pit in their own little "specials" ;)" I wonder..

Thursday, June 17, 2004

After exams
I don't think i've ever been so relieved or tired or hyper after exams

But not awake hyper, rather sleepy lethargic hyper..
Which, really, can be explained by having 3 hours sleep the night before, being pepped up on coffee, and attempting to cram so much junk on Motivation.. Compliance.. The BioPsychoSocial Model..

Yep, last exams were Psychological,Ethics and Law based..

So having finished my first lot of med school exams, what do i do?

I'm coming back home baby!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Here's the kitchen notice board..
As you can see, i'm slightly bored at the moment, especially since i SHOULD be studying..
It's always remarkable what you want to do once you have to study for exams, or do an assignment.. It's like, we only appreciate the freedom that we have, once we do the whole guilt trip thing on ourselves, when we know we can't do anything fun - Like during exams.

I'm really looking forward to going back home. All i've been thinking about is painting... And catching up with people. It's nice to be able to get away from really smart, highly strung, enthusiastic people who are in my course.

I wonder if this html will work or not.. we'll see... =) It's surprising i still remember html!

Sunday, June 13, 2004

2 days till exams and what am i doing? Fiddling around with a digital camera i bought on whim, and posting useless pictures up on the net.

Friday, June 11, 2004

My tute group, at the med ball, an age ago...!

Miss Procrastination


Exams in 3 days..
All i want to do is pass..
Why am i on the net??

You know that you're procrastinating when:
1) You walk 20mins to uni at 6:00 to have pizza with your friends - as a study break
2) You get back home at 9:00 from eating pizza at uni with your friends- that's a 3 hour study break
3) You eat more pizza and miscellaneous snacks when you get home - that's a 4 hour study break
4) You decide to go on the net to look up your email for any "IMPORTANT: Exams are CANCELLED due to a pack of dogs which shoot bees out of their mouths when they bark consuming the only copy of the exam we had" type emails, and you decide to open icq.. - that's a 6 hour study break

Saturday, June 05, 2004

the end of the end of the beginning of the beginning..

I feel so down lately.
Think that exams are finally getting to me in a big way.
I wonder if i'm just predispositioned to hate the world.
I hope not - mostly because there's some people out there who are so good to me.

A few friends at school had noticed that i've been off lately, and what they told me almost made me cry. They said that if i ever needed anything, or wanted to talk, all i had to do was rock up to their place. This came out of the blue... And i think that's what surprised me most. Sometimes you don't realise who REALLY looks out for you until you're at your worst.

Here's hopeing i get over the exams without that much mental scarring! =p (though i never was an optimist)