Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm sick.
I've got a cold!
When are holidays??

Actually, the best time i've had this year was during easter, when i was the miscellaneous guest to a friend's friend's family easter holiday at a shack near when i am. It was weird and fun.. and eventful.
But not in the traditional sense.

Weird seeing majong being played in Adelaide- when i spent the last holidays being taught how to play by Erica and John.
Fun being around people i haven't really met. And being welcomed. And sitting around a campfire. It made me miss my family and friends in sydney.

Maybe next time i'll go fishing.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Today i learnt that doctors are full of shit.
They are..
And it's especially frustrating when they feel the need to put you on the spot with knowledge they know- knowing full well that the odds of a student knowing about some peptide is about as high as winning power lotto.
So in the end, the doctor looks like the font of all wisdom, while the medical student looks like the piece of toe scum that they are.

Well, today because i was in a particularly insolent mood, i decided to google a particular hormone- BNP ("You don't know that BNP -Brain-Naturetic-Peptide- comes from the brain!? that's lacking in your schooling..very poor..") right in front of the doctor.

And low and behold.. BNP IS NOT found in the brain but is found in the heart and the blood. HA!

Doctors are full of shit.
And i told him so. with much enjoyment and smirking.
I hope this doesn't bite me in the arse.
Knowing me.. it will.. but it was worth it!