Sunday, November 26, 2006

Today, I was frantically in the middle of my annual packing.. Getting ready for my annual moving.. When i stumbled across a shirt that I had NEVER worn this year. I had wanted this shirt for ages- months and months last year, before finally putting my misery to rest and purchasing the shirt.

It's weird.. I wondered, what makes us have that insatiable desire for something in a shop?

Anyways, what makes us want something so badly when we see it or think of it? Hmmm... It's happened before too- I had a desire for a black non-woolen autumnish coat that was 3/4 length that i could wear on top of normal clothes. And i found one, for a ridiculous price, which i paid for. (After consultation with an aunty who happened to work near the shop's vicinity.)

And again, i haven't worn it AT ALL this year or last year! In fact, I think i've only ever worn it 2 maybe 3 times.

Am i the only one like this? I hope not.

Perhaps I should just come to terms with spending money on things i just won't wear.
And forget the angst of indecision..

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