Sunday, May 30, 2004

Josh Rouse

Went and saw Josh Rouse on Saturday.. I wasn't expecting much, considering i was only introduced to his music 1 week prior to the concert, but it was awesome!
Too bad Adelaide hadn't heard of him.. There were seriously only 50 people there. They should all meet crazy american people, so they can be introduced to GOOD american music. Actually, i was speaking to a friend's friend who i met at the concert, and she said that she ony knew who Josh Rouse was because she was introduced to him through a friend. It's the kind of music that you have to find out from through word of mouth.. you know how it goes:
"Have you met Josh Rouse?"
"Nopers.. Should i have?"
"Certainly! I'll bring him over the next time i see you! You'll LOVE him, he's great!"

et al.
Anyway, it was a pretty interesting night.. Beginning with a dinner with friends at an italian bistro in the city. It was Ghetto-Chris, Melissa, Liz, Tristophan and i, and we were wondering where all the people were. We passed 3 people- in the MIDDLE of the city, at 1900! Twas like a ghost town.
Anyway, ghetto chris, melissa and i were the only ones going to the concert afterwards, so we were escorted by the troupe to the concert venue, were we said our goodbyes.

The night was pretty slow to start. Doors open at 2000 for a 2100 start, but it started a bit later - i think the place was waiting for a few more people to show up. Unfortunatly not many did.
The support act was a guy called Paul Vallum. He was pretty good- had a quirky sense of humor, and was constantly advertising his support band "for the ladies in the audience".
"This is Jordan and Jim.. They're pretty cute don't you think?" and then;
"If anyone wants to request any zany 50's music or get phone numbers for Jordan or Jim, i'll be around after the concert.."

Josh came on shortly afterwards, and immediately said, (sarcastically) "My god, it's so crowded in here.." where do all the Adelaide people go after dark?
i wonder.

He and Curt the keyboard dude were excellent.. the music was so atmospheric, and it's amazing how 2 people can produce such music with only a guitar, a keyboard and their voices. Sometimes i wish i had such musical talent. If you want some advice, listen to their music. It will make you believe in life and love like you used to believe before you were caught up in the whole glamour of relationships nowdays.
Meanwhile, the girls in the audience were falling madly in love with Josh.
It was only afterwards, when they were packing up, that everyone realised that he was only 10cm taller than me(ie, really short). He was like a little pixie! But oh so cute, and well.. everyeone was really too drunk or too desperate to take any notice. I kinda felt sorry for the guy- especially when these 2 whores started latching themselves onto him big time.
I also felt sorry for Curt, and after Josh was hustled out of the venue by the 2 whores, we asked Curt if he'd like a lift to the Grace Emily- the place where Josh went. Anyway, it turned out that we had 6 people, and a 5 seat car. And for some reason, I ended up sitting in Curt's lap.. lol! Too bad i didn't bring a camera.

So while i've been in Adelaide, I've been to 3 concerts, and spoken to all 3 people up on stage after the show. Pete Murray, The butterfly effect and now Josh Rouse.
I guess sometimes it's good being in such a small town. It does have it's benefits afterall.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

FUN-Ahoi! Exams in 2 weeks...

Just got photos back from previous events- the ball, the ramdom visit by Erica, Chris & Izzy, graduation, Randomness..
I like photos and the way they capture a moment without any complicated history behind it- it's sometimes just nice to look at something without thinking about what it means, who people are, what they are thinking.. A photo is like a still frame in a movie, and it makes you just appreciate it for what it is -just a picture.

Everyone looks happy in pictures. I like that too.
And i like how you take pics randomly and then dont remember that you took them, so when you get them developed, it's like a huge surprise!

I'm rambling on about pictures when i'm supposed to be studying for exams.
god help my soul...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bullet points

*I'm surrounded by people who dun have the same sense of morals as i do.. Would you cheat on your partner?
*I feel i'm tetering on the edge of the kerb- i could leave what i have and be me and be intraverted or i can stay and not be me but experience a different cirle.
*I feel like a traditional 12 course cantonese banquet complete with duck, crab and sharkfin soup - i'd almost kill to taste that right now!
*I'm fluent in crappy movies: old school, Evil woman, the wash, bad boys 2..
*Wish i had the guts to do a few things in my past life and now.
*The saying "guys think about sex every 7 seconds" is apparently not true- it's every 30 seconds, according to my housemate (who is a he).
*I love the freedom, the knowledge, the new discoveries.
*It's cold, and i need a drier! my clothes are never going to dry!
*I miss lotsa people - it's surprising who!
*My email doesn't want to send.
*The thread that binds everyone in my course together is pure, raw, dirty, gossip. It doesn't change at all!
*I want to live by the beach.
*The art of conversation still eludes me, tho i think i'm getting better.
*I'm a sucker for happy endings and justice. With an emphasis on both.
*I want my old site back!

Monday, May 17, 2004

i feel bitchy.
but i dun have pms. whats wrong?
ick, i cant stand it anymore.
i hate being compared.
i hate being the same.
i hate being spoken about behind my back so i cant fight back.
i hate being judged.
i hate favouritism.
i am different, and i shouldn't have to conform just to please the population.
i hate those who conform.

Saturday, May 15, 2004


Well... what can i say? Graduation was somewhat more exciting than i first thought it would be.. I've been given many "words of advice" from numerous people including some who suggested that i get the hell out once i received my certificate.
Aside from a few sniggers about the dean of IT's pronounciation of a few names, it was pretty harry potter-esque. Lots of old people in graduation cloaks and scepters and maces all round. I especially liked the throne in the middle of the hall. Very renaissance. =p

I remember Dannii's advice about what to do when you get face to face with the chancellour of UTS- the "take" with your left hand, the "shake" with your right hand and the "doff" at the end. What is a doff? It's when you nod your head apparently- it's a sign of respect. Just gotta be careful that that square hat doesn't fly off and spear the old dude in the forehead. Not very sophisticated at all!

I was most suprised by my ex-uni friends. They all seem different- working now and more sedate than my other friends. Probably coz they're all grown up and making money. They also seem to know their place in the world. Sometimes i envy them, in that they're out of the uni system forever.. and they dont have to worry about exams and assignments, turning up to lectures, and eating caffeteria food. Then again, uni life is great- lots of people floating around to catch up with without having to make much of an effort.

So now that i've officially got a uni degree under my belt, I can print on my future business cards: Julia Low B.IT (UTS) - whoooheee! I've been looking forward to that for the past 3 years. =)


Just coz messinthecorner broke.

and that i get lonely on the web when there's nothing to publish what i write..
(i'm a sad sad girl..)