Sunday, June 04, 2006

For 2 weeks!
What am I going to do?
Who knows? But 2 weeks! We'll see how far i can get in sydney without a car.. =p

On another note, it's funny how you write things down, in a diary, journal, blog! and you write about huge things or things that may have struck you at that time.. but when you read over what you have written, it's like you're remembering for the first time. Akin to rummaging through an box packed with old toys, and remembering their significance eons ago.

I happened to stumble across a cousin's blog. I read it with such curiosity. I had always held this preconceived idea of who he was. Strong, smart.. And there he was, typing out his thoughts. How he asked a girl out. Talk of wingmen. Another cousin's blog detailed his antics when he was overseas. Drunken nights. Creating havoc with a group of mates.
I was almost embarrased to read it. It was like i was peering into his mind albeit his mind several years ago.
I wonder what they would think of me, if they found this. The secret life of us indeed.

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