Sunday, March 27, 2005

Prescript: I'm not sure if i should post this...
But here is it anyway... (the following is- like anything on this thing- just a thought, meaningless, insincere & fleeting)

It's funnie that having a baby is the exactly the same as having a parasitic infection.

The baby lives only because the mother is supplying it with the necessary nutrients in order for it to grow and develop.
The same is said for any parasite that infects the body- it lives because the host is supplying it, however inadvertently, with nutrients.

Parasites have developed all sorts of ways to defend itself from the sometimes hostile environments in the body. The same could be said for the fetus. It has a whole protected sac which separates it from the mother- so that the mother's immune system doesn't interfere with development and destroy it.
In the later stages of pregnancy, the mother puts herself in a state of starvation, so that the fetus has enough nutrients to spur it's incredible growth. (The "giving mother" is right..)

The fetus is allowed to live for 9 months before the mother can finally get rid of it.
9 months of eating for 2, metabolising for 2, giving the fetus the best of what is ingested*.

So, men, if you want to know what it feels like to be pregnant, ingest a parasite**, and let it sit there in your body for 9 months before getting rid of it.

* Glucose, the body's primary fuel, can cross the placenta to the baby. Ketones, the body's back up system in times of starvation cannot. Ketones are acidic, hence excessive use of ketones leads to a metabolic acidosis which causes hyperventilation. Acidosis also depresses the brain and, if severe enough, can lead to diabetic coma and death.
So the mother gets the ketones, and the fetus gets the glucose.

** Perhaps a tape worm? They can grow to all sorts of lengths.

I wonder if infectious disease specialists and obstetricians ever fight about this?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I keep on meaning to take pics of the things that can go wrong in your body... but im a bit disorganised. Instead, here's an example of the randomness of life- In the front yard of an abandoned corner shop, there were rows of hay wrapped in green plastic. Hiding in the middle of them, was a car...
How did it get there?
Why was it there?
How long had it been there for?

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Oooo hello!

It's March 16th. I've been back at uni for a whole 6 weeks, and we've got exams in 2 weeks... AGAIN!

It seems as though I was going through the stressful process of exams just a week ago. It's funnie how things dun change.

Other news- I've just initiated my first Lay-By. It was for a pair of pants. And i didn't know they charge an administration fee. Crap. So instead of being 79.95, they're 81.95.
Also Happy birthday to Andrew. Too bad I spent my money on clothes instead of a plane ticket hey?

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Today I received a random email.. T'was a nice surprise- I often wonder about those people who were once in my life.. But now are not.. And I wonder how they are going.. And if they remember me..

Of all the surreal things to see- An abandoned car right smack bang in the middle of green plastic wrapped bundles of hay in Rapid Bay, SA....
That weekend (the 26th Feb) a group of med students went down south and it was there I learnt to surf! Not that i was any good.. in 2 hours, i managed to stand up 4 or 5 times.. I have absolutely NO upper body strength.

That weekend Adam caught the biggest squid i've seen. It had electric green eyes, and squirted black ink like noone's business.
Here squidy squidy...