Friday, March 24, 2006

For the first time, a friend asked if i was still painting...
And i couldn't say yes. I've given up all sorts of artish crusades, like jewelry and painting, and collecting junk in case of a creative emergency. Well, not quite given up, but rather, put on hold..
Medicine really has taken over. Which is sad. I remember making friendship bands in class in primary school, making jewelry on the weekends. Make dreamcatchers with a friend and selling them at school fairs.
It's times like this when i wish i was able to memorise things so i had time to do art and not be worried by failing. And i guess that's why i've fallen on the instantaneousness of photography as a creative outlet.

And i met up with Ed the other day in Eastwood before his Korean class. It was great catching up- Three things that struck me: 1. Compared to the last time I met him when he first arrived back in Australia(when he was all excited), i thought he was at an ebb. 2. He knows most* of my cousins. Its weird. Like he's a family friend- but not. Though i won't be surprised if he turns up at our next family gathering. He'll probably be appalled at our Aussie-ness. 3. Languages. I was pleased when the Korean restaurant owner said that he had the "right" accent.
*I guess it's practically impossible to know all of my cousins. =p Too many.

Izzy has grown. She's up to my thigh. And she has the wickedest smile. Smart girl. Likes tomato tho.. it's a pity!
Reaquainted myself to Graham Base. Could keep myself amused for hours. Lucky Chrissy.

Am jealous of Erica. She graduates at the end of this year. Soon to be a member of the cult of the employed.
It's strange thinking of John working in a 9-5 job.
Life's changing. People are growing up and i feel like i'm lagging behind. It only bugs me when i get back to Sydney and catch up.
I wonder what i'll be thinking when i'll be working? Hopefully, i'll be thinking of my next artwork..

Thursday, March 09, 2006

I spoke to the visiting counsellor that comes around twice a week to see patients here. She taught me something..

People are either TOO NICE - in which case they tell lies in order to accomodate the other person. Sooner or later, they snap in which case they become NASTY. They snap under the pressure that they place upon themselves and are consequently angry and frustrated, and lash out on the other person.

Somewhere in the middle, people have to learn to tell the TRUTH KINDLY.
So as not to place yourself in a position where you snap once things get unbearable.

For example,
Saying to the boss, yes i can do the extra work everytime when asked, and then getting really jaded and angry at the boss.
Instead, reaching a medium and saying i can't do both this task and this other task.. which would you want me to do more urgently so i can get that done first?

I don't know that that makes any sense in terms of my explaination.. but i really thought that this explained a lot about human nature and our assumptions.