Sunday, October 12, 2008

So, I thought that i'd let you know about the kind of presentations we get in our emergency department:

* Male pattern baldness:
A 28 year old non-drug effected male attends our emergency complaining that he has a receeding hair line and is going bald for about 5 years.
I ask him why he chooses to turn up on a Sunday afternoon.. He said that he was "in the area" and should get someone to check his hair out before too late.
I think to myself.. "idiot"
I say to him, check out Ashley and Martin. Or Advanced Hair.. yeh yeh!

* Bugs in various facial orifices:
A 50-something year old woman attends the hospital with her husband complaining of waking up and finding bugs in her mouth, nose, hair and ears. (She brings tiny black guys in specimen containers to show me.. To prove that she's not delusional I guess.)
Her main concern is that the bugs are growing inside of her a la the Alien movies.
I ask her a few questions, and eventually ascertain that she has been sleeping in an infested matress- for at least a week!
I think to myself.. "idiot"
I say to her and her husband that she should dispose of the matress, spray the room with insecticide, clean her clothes and have a shower.
Another happy customer.

Sometimes ANYONE can be a doctor.. and that's proof.


jfox said...

yikes. all those years at uni... to treat these guys...

i'm sure you thought 'idiot' in the kindest, best beside-manner possible!

hope you're well jaye! how's the new housemate going =)

Jaye said...

Hey Caz!
Yes, it's a bit frustrating actually... But somewhat amusing too.. In that twisted kinda way that makes you reassured that you're not the stupidest person out there.. Much like the Darwin Awards!

Anyways, how's life as a lady of leisure?
The housemate is quiet but good! AND We're getting internet soon! (ZOMG!)

P.s. I need an excuse to go to melbourne- when are you throwing a partay? =P

sminya said...

Julia!!!!! Miss you! Doing ED next and I'm dreading the presentations. People just coem cos it's free!