Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Conversation between myself and my 2 cousins, Steven aged 10 and Josh 12ish..
Me:[spies a nintendo DS] Hey Steven, what game are you playing?
Steven: It's called Pokemon..
Me: Oh, I used to play that.. I was a master pokemon trainer, and all my pokemon were level 90!
Steven & Josh: Really! ..
Steven: Can we link up?
Me: Huh?
Steven: Can you show me your pokemon?
Me: Umm.. I played maybe 7 years ago.. and it was on the original game boy. (Actually, it was on the computer, but that would take too long to explain..)
Steven: What do you mean original game boy? Mine's original!
Josh: I think she means the game boy colour.
Me: No, it was black and white..
Steven: You mean the DS?
Me: No... It had a screen this big, and had a cross and an A and B button..
Josh: Yeh! And it was really big and chunky..
Me: YEH!
Josh: [whispers to Steven] I think it was the game boy colour.
Me: No! It was out before you were both born! Look it up!


Steven: [To Josh] Do you want to link up?

Bah, I can't believe I'm this old.


Jon P said...


Gold :)
Pure gold.

Hoa said...

Oh, J to reply to your comment... most girls I know wouldn't have a clue about cricket... not one iota. So the fact that you get the 'gist' of it means you're already ahead of the pack! :)

Watching cricket can send people to sleep.. but the trick is to not consciously watch it all the time (as you would with a football match). Kinda like, switch on the TV, sit down for 15 minutes, do the shopping come back for another 15 minutes... you get the drift.

btw - I still have one of those original Gameboys that you're talking about in my draw somewhere. It came with a limited edition black case and monochrome. I'll keep it for a few more years until it becomes vintage and rises in price :)