Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Nothing says Christmas, and then New Year than mountains of left over food.. with the pièce de résistance being mother's baked ham..


Hoa said...

hmm... you're making me hungry. Tell me that's a shot while you were cutting the ham, and not the leftovers. Cos if it's the latter, your family doesn't eat much during chrissy! :)

Jaye said...

Well... We actually had 2 hams, and this was the left over one..

Don't ask me why we had 2..

jp said...

huullllloo joooools,

how are you my friend? the ham looks great. my family had bought ham because noone can make it well or coulnd't be bothered. but your mother's looks scrumptious.

hope all is well. i'll email you. k?!

peace out.