Sunday, October 26, 2008

I haven't been able to get to sleep of late.
And I usually don't have nightmares, but last night I dreamt that I'd lost patches of hair, and that my skin was peeling off!

I'm a bit of a pessimist- which doesn't help in terms of my social life. Going to events is a bit of a debacle in that I think the worst about the night- I'll be the one noone talks to, minding the coats..
It never ends up like that, but the same scenario plays through my mind before each outing. I force myself to go, and usually I end up enjoying myself (and/or getting drunk on 2 standard drinks..)

Yesterday, I went to Dave's birthday, with people I haven't seen in literally years.
It was fantastic! It was a dress up party, and though noone knew who Lily Allen was, I was glad that at the end of the night my feet were not aching due to my fancy sneakers in place of heels.
About 100 people came, which I thought was a lot. Though I think Dave was disappointed with the turn out seeing as though 200 people RSVPed.
So, perhaps I'm not the only one with a social phobia?
Or perhaps people are getting lazy in their old age?

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