Thursday, May 08, 2008

I've been asleep under a rock.
This evening, apparently, I find out there's been a hurricane in Burma. Millions are missing. It's possibly the biggest news this year. This happened May 3rd. It is now 5 days later. Damn work.

Other news, (quite big news actually) - 2 of my cousins are engaged. Within 2 weeks of each other. One lives in sydney. The other in Brisbane. (So no, it wasn't rigged.)
I like weddings!

Today I had my wallet stolen. The awesome one from Etsy. I was sad.
Today I also found out I've has an unpaid traffic offense fine since July LAST YEAR. The damage is $570. Ouch.
Today I paid for dinner for my parents. Finally. After months of promising to take them out for dinner.
Today I had lunch with a stranger. Found out I am attracted to accents after all. =)


Jon P said...

Bummer about the wallet :/ It was really cool. Definitely very 'you'.

You missed a couple more news stories. A road rage incident on sydney roads where a guy got impatient with a group of cyclists, swerved infront of them and then braked hard to intentionally make them crash. Over 50 cyclists injured. The group also included several olympic hopefuls whos trials are in 2 weeks.

Also.. a lady got shot at Star City casino. Sydney is starting to look uglier and uglier.

And grats on buying dinner for your folks :)

Jaye said...

Thanks jon!

I can't believe that guy would intentionally put on his brakes. What an idiot.

And it happened down my way too.

I've still got your phone! I was meaning to give it back to you last time.

jfox said...

you lost your sharp pointy wallet? noooo!

did you say lunch w an accented stranger...? mmm. intriguing. interrogation to follow.... ;)