Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's world youth week and I was in the city with some girlfriends for dinner.
The city has never been so full of kids being kids. Running amuck, with giant flags and yelling at the top of their lungs..
Some spontaneously bursting out in dance (I think they were waving Spanish flags.. On a side note, I realised how ignorant I am about geography and flags!), salsa-ing with fellow random pilgrims.
I must admit i was swept along with the crowds, and with my trio of girlfriends we bopped along too, and for a second let their youthful enthusiasm engulf us.
It's a great vibe, and I was thinking that it was unfair that some people had to ruin that by handing out condoms to these kids. They should be making their political message in other means, and not to 13 year olds who are here having a good time.

On another aside, I need to be less blunt, more patient and less... weird...
It's going to be hard.

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Jon P said...

There's nothing wrong with being weird. :)