Monday, January 28, 2008

Stumbled across this picture of my car after the trek from Sydney to Waikerie.
Gross hey? .. And a pain to clean!

Anyways, nothing really to say, except that I've successfully survived a week as a doctor.
Memorable moments included being called "Frail" by a 96 year old demented patient, Prescribing (incorrectly) potassium phosphate instead of potassium chloride.. (whoops), and being hauled around the hospital by a wanna-be-gay-maybe-gay-but-in-denial-severely-metrosexual doctor. Also survived a 14.5 hour shift this sunday, so it's all old hat from here right?
I doubt it, but that's why medicine is such a unique occupation- you can never predict what you'll be doing next.

Oh, and the hunt for a decent abode nearer the hospital continues..


Hoa said...

Hey J, what is that on the front of your car, and how did it get there?

Congratulations on the work front! Good to hear that you're enjoying it.

Jaye said...

They're flies and other bugs!

Hoa said...

You take life with one hand, and give life with the other.

Jaye said...

Hmm.. more like taking lives..liveS..
There were millions of bugs on my car driving 1400 kms.

Luckily there were no birds, or kangaroos!

Hoa said...

Think of all the surgeon bugs, swarming in the wake of your destruction. Scampering to save the liveS of their fallen comrades.

You know, they're probably plotting revenge as we speak...