Monday, May 26, 2008

So 3 more weeks until the end of this round of shift work.
It's turned out to be tiring.

Disgruntled. Angsty. Angry. Tired. Not-so-subtle. I've been called and have called myself these names. Emergency makes you harder. Less centred on quality, and more quantity. Waiting lists, complaining patients, staff stress. You try your best, and yet from the patient's point of view, they have been waiting for hours. They don't know you haven't had lunch.

There has to be a better system.
Emergency has suddenly morphed into the golden triage, where medicine is not practiced. Only labeling patients into categories for other's to sort out.

Anyway, depressing thoughts aside.
I've got visitors soon!
Next week Caz and Ming.
It's going to be welcome relief from working.

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jp said...

pay for my ticket jools . . . i'll visit yah!