Monday, November 29, 2004

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding. (My big cousin- Chris!) I am so happy for him- his wife Elly is awesome! She has only met me once before the wedding, and still she remembered my name!
The wedding is really the conclusion.. well.. the the end of the beginning - pardon the cliche.
The beginning? They met in China.
Chris wanted to learn Manderin in China, so he went there for a year.
Elly grew up in Indonesia, but was studying Manderin in China also. However she had been there for a few years prior to 'the meeting'.
So what are the odds that an Australian born guy and an Indonesian born girl meet in some foreign country, randomly hook up, and remain hooked up for the past 5 years across different countries?
It's weird how things just happen. I bet neither of them had any idea how this would turn out.. =p
I like randomness. And this world is full of such probabilities.

Kind of reminds me of the Heart of Gold and it's Infinite Improbability Drive.

But real.

I often wonder how my friends at home are progressing through their lives...? If anything has changed, If they have discovered anything wonderous, If they have bought anything grand, If they still remember me?

Today I tasted my first Fruit mince pie. I learnt that Fruit mince pie's DON'T contain fruit AND mince meat, but just minced fruit. It was like discovering that Santa isn't really real! What a discovery! Talk about eyes wide open.

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