Friday, November 12, 2004

There is 2 showers in my new place, and 3 girls and 2 guys living together.
Thought this was funnie- Who would have thought that the differences in gender could be neatly summed up and captured in a picture such as this? =p

Today the girls of the house went and indulged ourselves by watching Bridget Jones' Diary. When we arrived home, one of the boys had baked us scones! (There goes my theory that all guys have kitchen allergies... Especially to the oven...)
T'was a thoughtful, beautiful gesture. And the best bit- it was purely random- So it was a surprise!

Speaking of surprises- the fact that Baz remembered the date of my birthday was amazing! Smsing me out of the blue!

Speaking of out of the blue.. nothing screams breaking Australian news like the break-up of Delta and Mark Philippoussis for shock horror good old Paris Hilton.

Speaking of Paris Hilton, I think i need to get a life because i'm going to ask.... *wait for it* Did anyone watch the OC?

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