Friday, November 12, 2004

I had so much to say, but now it's just gone to the wind..

...During the past 2 weeks, i've learnt a few things- the biggest being that it's all very well to joke about people's quirks when they are present and laughing too. But it's a very different thing to laugh about it when they aren't there. It's just ettiquete i guess, coz you never know if that other person is going to be offended or not..

My birthday was 12 days ago now- and well, do i feel older? not really. Do i act older? Let's hope not!

Only 37 days to go! =)

1 comment:

Win said...

*applies pen to diary* - *cough*

Happy ... er, just Happy!

Growing up is overrated - hope your enjoying being as old or young as you feel. :)

Looking forward to seeing you when you get back here.