Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I'd like to take credit for this photo... but no, it was taken by Anne the german- a 4th year med student who was brave enough to trek to Australia to complete a medical elective in a foreign country which doesn't even speak her own native language.

Well... uni has been back for all of days now, and i'm not of to a good start. I woke up late today, at 12:15 in fact! Lectures started at 12- so there goes congenital heart defects.. To add to that, I'm missing the fact that i cant just get up and call a friend to catch up. I guess i got too used to the social situation in Sydney. Grah!
Can't wait till next holidays already. It's a curse!

Saw Shrek2 with Ashesh, and it was GREAT! I think the trick is to go into it with no expectations what so ever.. that way, when jokes get fired from one gingerbread man to the next, you'll be in hysterics. Seriously, the best charater was Mongo the giant gingerbread man. Favourite quote: We're up Chocolate creek without a popsicle stick.

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