Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Pidgeons - Rats with wings.. Something that I was desperately missing in Adelaide..
Well actually, instead of pidgeons they have seagulls... they're the same thing really... annoying, greedy, disease infested, filthy blood-thirsty scavengers that are too over weight for their own good. But enough about birds...

The holidays have been interesting..
1) I was officially a smurf! Erica dyed my hair blue- and it ran for 2 days! Luckily there's a drought in Sydney at the moment, otherwise my clothes, and skin would now be stained blue!
2) Have also experienced the absolutely GORGEOUS, Dar-ling! cafe culture in Double Bay with Andrew who was generous enough to shout me breakfast/lunch at the Max Brenner cafe.
3) Have had turquoise, jade and black roving dreads in my hair- just for fun! Decided that that many fake extensions just make my head look too big in proportion to my body. Kinda looked like a bizarre anime character or something.. but kinda kewl to be able to freak random school kids out who were in North Rocks park at the time.. lol!
4) Urge EVERYONE to see the Biennale of Sydney while it is still around. I wasn't able to go see the whole exhibition, but Em and I discovered that the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Rocks has the quirkiest, randomest artworks that made me pause and think.. Definately worth seeing the video installation of a nude guy burrowing underneath carpet by Brazilian artist Amilcar Packer- it's better than it sounds! - and the artworks created by Michael Raedecker using paint and embroidery to create surrealist still life's.(lives?)

Anyway, only 4 more days of blissful holiday to go before it's back to uni...

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