Friday, June 25, 2004

Wandering in the city..

Today was the first time i decided to make the trip out to the "city" since i've been back in Sydney. I had the foresight to bring my camera with me in case i got the itch to take random pictures while i was out. So after being treated to ramen with Ian, I wandered down to Circular Quay,taking miscellaneous pictures all the while. I was not alone. There were a few other photographers and video-er's out there taking advantage of the flocks of business men, pidgeons, and concrete shadows.

So i continued from Circular Quay, to the old Apple carpark back past my old uni library, stopping briefly at Krispy Kremes for a much needed sugar hit. (Did you know a donut contains 15g of fat? Mmmmmm... fattening..)

Ok.. ok.. Replace "stopping briefly" with "waiting in line for half an hour in front of a pack of school kids, and behind a sarcastic mother and son who were chatting about the whole KK cult that has taken over Sydney"

Anyways, I passed a random cart selling coffee and snacks, which had this pertinent quote on a chalk board. It's something to remember when you're feeling lost and overwhelmed by your situation.

P.S.... LOL! watching Naruto intermittently, and this message from a subber popped on screen for a sec after a repeat of the scene before: "Don't you just hate commercial breaks? I've always wondered what would happen if subbers pit in their own little "specials" ;)" I wonder..

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Anonymous said...

Hey J! Haven't spoken to you in ages, if you find you have nothing to do one day while in Sydney, shoot me an email ( and I'll buy you a 30c soft serve =)