Friday, January 05, 2007

First week back.
It's weird- I'm seeing people around the place, but not consistently. And i'm mostly hanging around a RMO(3rd year grad) who's teaching me the ropes of psychiatry.

I'm also paranoid that i'm losing my ability to communicate properly. My grammar and proper english structure is rapidly deteriorating. I wonder if that's because i'm trying to stuff information in and other - important- information is being deleted... much like hard drive memory.. When something needs to be saved, but the memory's full, something older must go instead.
It could be because I'm not as confident about my ability as i used to be.
Sometimes I feel like i'm full of self doubt that there's not much point in me being here.
Part of medicine in the facade of confidence.

I don't know.

But on the plus side- I have made it though third year medicine, and have just this year until i've completed my second degree. (And am in the workforce , not relying on John Howard and my parents to fund my life.)

In other news, Erica and John are engaged and are getting married in April!
And they have asked me to be their bridesmaid, along with John's sister and Susan. I'm very excited! She's the first of my friends to get married... Kinda makes me feel like i should get on with my life.. I'm envious that they've found each other and suit each other so perfectly. Certainly, I hope to find someone who complements me like they do. *Sigh* But I'm looking forward to the celebration and helping them celebrate this step in their relationship!!
Weddings are always such a happy occasion!


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