Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Perhaps it's the End of an Era

It's weird.
I'm watching as most of my friends are grappling with the reality of shedding the ideals and stereotypes (for want of a better word) of "work". Work as the next stage of life perhaps.. mostly because of it's implications of the future. (work is the future right? .. didn't Freud say a person is healthy if they are able to work and love. nothing else.) And for a majority of my friends, work doesn't equate to what they pictured their future to look like.

And me? Well, i guess i took the easy option by delaying the struggle by a couple of years. =P

But seriously, the allure of the workplace must be something. Why else would people be doing it?

Or it could be just like school- some people hate it, some people love it, but regardless, you're there to learn.


I've kinda finished christmas shopping *finally*!
I just hope that they like their gifts.
Boy was it hell to shop! Especially when you don't know what to get, and you're aimlessly wandering around the place hoping for inspiration to hit you in the face. My parents would have to be the hardest peoeple to shop for in the whole world! Luckily i broke down while we were wine tasting in Adelaide and bought an $11 jar of the hugest olives you've seen. That came in handy because i totally couldn't think of anything to get for dad. Tuesday, i chaperoned ian around while he went through the same process of wandering aimlessly around westfield- only condensed to one day. (lucky him!)

It's Claude's birthday tomorrow. umm.. in 6 mins to be exact. I wonder if she's better? It'd be terrible to be sick on your birthday .. even if it's residue sickness. Anyway, Happy birthday Claude!

And it's Christmas in 3 days! How exciting..! really.. i'm a little bit excited -for no reason some people might say. But i honestly love Christmas! =)

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