Monday, January 03, 2005

Well.. Happy new year!

I was readying myself for spending New Year Eve listening with bored interest to my relatives gossip about family skeletons and such, when i received an sms from Win. Just in the nick of time too! So instead, it was the mad crowd at the harbour that i would be struggling with, stead of the cresendo and cresendo of family talk.
It turned out to be a pretty good evening, with the low-light being the fire work display. (Understandably so.. With that TAT-SOO-MEE on every newsreaders lips.)
One of the many strange spectacles of the evening was the line outside of the Circular Quay Maccas.(pictured) Probably their biggest trading day to date!

Can't say that 2004 has been boring.. In fact, it has been a year of regenerating those brain cells i had thought already decomposed during my IT era. A year of getting over my phobia toward alcohol, and (somewhat ironically), getting newly acquainted with my intense dislike of alcoholics.

Well, living a year away from friends and family has got to top the list. Making new friends whilst vainly trying to keep in touch with the old. Learning about EVERYTHING at once- just to pass those exams. Moving, Packing, Building..

Here's hoping that 2005 is bigger, brighter, and less stressful than the last.

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Paul D said...

Happy New Year. Yes thanks for keeping in touch :D