Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sonic Hedgehog:

1) A famous hero for a console game entitled 'Sonic the Hedgehog". Dreamt up by a Japanese dude working for Sega.(i think) Reached peak popularity during the early 90's.

2) The name of a homeotic gene which has been proven to play a cruicial role during the development of a fetus. Sonic Hedgehog mediates the interactions between the notochord and the ectoderm and mesoderm beginning at abouts 18days after fertilisation. The notochord induces the body to form around it- it is the "anchor" for the development of the fetus.

A gene called Sonic Hedgehog.
How about THAT?

P.S. 6 days till i get home!

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Mr Tang said...

Yep I confirm the validity (sp?) of the first point. Point 2's kind of strange innit?