Saturday, May 15, 2004


Well... what can i say? Graduation was somewhat more exciting than i first thought it would be.. I've been given many "words of advice" from numerous people including some who suggested that i get the hell out once i received my certificate.
Aside from a few sniggers about the dean of IT's pronounciation of a few names, it was pretty harry potter-esque. Lots of old people in graduation cloaks and scepters and maces all round. I especially liked the throne in the middle of the hall. Very renaissance. =p

I remember Dannii's advice about what to do when you get face to face with the chancellour of UTS- the "take" with your left hand, the "shake" with your right hand and the "doff" at the end. What is a doff? It's when you nod your head apparently- it's a sign of respect. Just gotta be careful that that square hat doesn't fly off and spear the old dude in the forehead. Not very sophisticated at all!

I was most suprised by my ex-uni friends. They all seem different- working now and more sedate than my other friends. Probably coz they're all grown up and making money. They also seem to know their place in the world. Sometimes i envy them, in that they're out of the uni system forever.. and they dont have to worry about exams and assignments, turning up to lectures, and eating caffeteria food. Then again, uni life is great- lots of people floating around to catch up with without having to make much of an effort.

So now that i've officially got a uni degree under my belt, I can print on my future business cards: Julia Low B.IT (UTS) - whoooheee! I've been looking forward to that for the past 3 years. =)

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