Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Bullet points

*I'm surrounded by people who dun have the same sense of morals as i do.. Would you cheat on your partner?
*I feel i'm tetering on the edge of the kerb- i could leave what i have and be me and be intraverted or i can stay and not be me but experience a different cirle.
*I feel like a traditional 12 course cantonese banquet complete with duck, crab and sharkfin soup - i'd almost kill to taste that right now!
*I'm fluent in crappy movies: old school, Evil woman, the wash, bad boys 2..
*Wish i had the guts to do a few things in my past life and now.
*The saying "guys think about sex every 7 seconds" is apparently not true- it's every 30 seconds, according to my housemate (who is a he).
*I love the freedom, the knowledge, the new discoveries.
*It's cold, and i need a drier! my clothes are never going to dry!
*I miss lotsa people - it's surprising who!
*My email doesn't want to send.
*The thread that binds everyone in my course together is pure, raw, dirty, gossip. It doesn't change at all!
*I want to live by the beach.
*The art of conversation still eludes me, tho i think i'm getting better.
*I'm a sucker for happy endings and justice. With an emphasis on both.
*I want my old site back!

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