Saturday, May 29, 2004

FUN-Ahoi! Exams in 2 weeks...

Just got photos back from previous events- the ball, the ramdom visit by Erica, Chris & Izzy, graduation, Randomness..
I like photos and the way they capture a moment without any complicated history behind it- it's sometimes just nice to look at something without thinking about what it means, who people are, what they are thinking.. A photo is like a still frame in a movie, and it makes you just appreciate it for what it is -just a picture.

Everyone looks happy in pictures. I like that too.
And i like how you take pics randomly and then dont remember that you took them, so when you get them developed, it's like a huge surprise!

I'm rambling on about pictures when i'm supposed to be studying for exams.
god help my soul...

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