Thursday, July 30, 2009

These warm winter days are something like a godsend. Impatient (and bored), I decided to go ahead and plant my parsley plant in a giant terracotta pot from Ikea. Thought while i'm at it, to try to plant my friend's wedding card- You know those new sorts of cards that you're supposed to soak and then plant because they have hidden seeds in them..
I got caught up in Bunnings and bought a few packets of seeds as well- basil and spring onion.

So instead of planging the parsley, I ended up planting the card (which turns into some sort of tree) and the spring onion.

And I was somewhat dubious as to the results considering it's in the middle of winter. (The exact worse time to sow seeds). But this morning I was quite excited by this:

Which is a little ray of green amongst:


M's nemesis said...

It's exciting to see nature unravelling in its most elegant way. 'Yay, come on little guy... you can do it... grow grOW GROW!!!'

Heh @ close zoom in!

Hmm... Our broccoli and spinach have been popular with bugs and birds but we haven't had the chance to enjoy them yet- hope you have more luck with your greens! :)

Hoa said...

That little sprout must feel like a King in a castle growing up in that massive pot!

Jaye said...

It's so exciting seeing little seedlings poking their way out of the ground!!

He's now got about 8 or 9 friends!

jfox said...

that's v kool.. i love the idea of eating home grown herbs and vegies..