Thursday, April 23, 2009

This made me smile- the kind of smile that reoccurs suddenly because of it's ridiculusness...

P: a 79year old (but looks like he's 90), with an english-London accent, ex-graphic designer, patient at hospital with many MANY health issues.
Me: Not-yet-30 yrs old, doctor.

So the conversation went something like this..

Me: So what do you think of going home after dialysis on Friday?
P:Oh no, I couldn't possibly. It takes a lot out of me you know.. I'm not 18 any more.
Me: Neither am I!
P: Oh, but you look like you are 18 years old..
Me: I look young, I guess.
P: And once you reach 30, you're mutton anyway.
Me: !!!! (Walk away from the patient thinking.. I'm 3 years until I'm mutton! )

The following day..

P:So I hope you weren't offended when I said that comment about women being mutton.
Me: Oh no, not at all. (a white lie)
P:Because we live in a society where we're imaged obessed, we can't grow old gracefully anymore, everyone has to look younger and younger.
Once women hit 50 years old, their opinions don't matter. Noone wants to hear their opinions anymore, they become obsolete. There's no point marketing anything towards those old women.
Me: !!!!!

I was kinda offended at his first remark. The second, I thought, was just the ramblings of an old man who was developing some frontal brain changes.

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